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A Message About Unauthorized Dealers

MCergo is a Humanscale Authorized Dealer

"Humanscale does not warranty or provide on-site service for products purchased from unauthorized resellers. Humanscale can also not guarantee that any product purchased from an unauthorized reseller is new."

- Humanscale

Beware Unauthorized Dealers

You may have seen other sites offering Humanscale products at severely discounted prices. You should know that these sites are selling used, defective, or reconditioned chairs. They do not include a warranty and are not supported by Humanscale. In addition, these sites are known for their poor customer service and unreliable product delivery. Click here to read Humanscale's warning about these sites.

Shop Safe, with MC Ergo.

MC Ergo has been an authorized Humanscale vendor since the beginning. We pride ourselves on our Limited Lifetime Warranty, knowledgeable customer service, and hassle free return policies. Buying a chair is an investment in your health, productivity and well being. Shop smart, and shop safe, with MC Ergo.