Promoting Flexibility With A Steelcase Table

We offer the best equipment in ergonomic design and our company is known in the industry as a trusted source. The Steelcase table gives the user a comfortable space to work and most adjust to fit any height or need. One option in our catalog is the Steelcase Walkstation by Details. This cutting-edge design features a work surface and an actual treadmill to stimulate movement. Another option is the Steelcase Airtouch Height-Adjustable Desk by Details. This table moves up and down effortlessly, offering the alternation between sitting and standing.

Steelcase Table Financing

Our service is determined to provide the quality care that your professional staff needs. We offer financing options to give your business a more feasible option of purchasing equipment. If working capital is not obtainable for a Steelcase table purchase, financing is available in 24-72 month terms. When you are in need of ergonomic products, remember MC Ergo and the benefits that we offer.

Affordable Ergonomic Office Chairs from Allseating

More and more offices are providing their employees with ergonomic office chairs and furniture to increase worker productivity and decrease office related work injuries. Ergonomic chairs should promote proper posture and adjust with you as you move throughout the day.  If you’re office has yet to switch to ergonomic furniture or you work from home, buying an ergonomic chair out of pocket may seem out of reach.

Find Ergonomic Solutions from Allseating

Allseating Chairs are innovative ergonomic chairs for those in the office, education, and healthcare industries, and are available at affordable prices. Allseating has a collection of ergonomic chairs to meet a variety of budgets and uses. Whether for home, office, conference room, or classroom use, you will be able to find affordable and smart options. Make the switch from a basic office chair to an ergonomic office chair from Allseating to improve your overall health and productivity.

Need a New Task Chair? Consider the Humanscale World Chair

Fans of the Humanscale Liberty task chair will love the comfort, support, and innovation of the Humanscale World chair. The World chair is Humanscale’s first all mesh task chair featuring a tri panel backrest for lumbar sport and a mesh seat that helps to eliminate contact stress under the thighs. Some of the innovative features of the Humanscale World chair include self-adjusting recline, form-sensing mesh, and body fit. While the World chair is highly advanced, it is incredibly simple to use and adjust to your comfort and liking.

Learn More about the Humanscale World

The World chair is available in a number of finishes and textiles, making it easy to design the perfect chair for your office. The Humanscale World chair can be ordered with fixed arms, adjustable arms, or an armless model depending on preference.

An Ergonomic Office Solution unlike Any Other: the Steelcase Leap Chair

The Steelcase Leap chair brings comfort, health, and productivity to the work environment. The Leap chair was conceived after thorough studies of how the human body moves and adjusts throughout the day. To increase productivity and comfort, the Leap chair was made to move with and support the user. Some of the features of the Leap chair include separate and adjustable upper and lower back controls, a dynamic seat that takes pressure off the spine when reclining, and an optional headrest to relieve pressure in the neck.

An Environmentally Friendly Ergonomic Office Chair: the Steelcase Leap

The Steelcase Leap chair is environmentally friendly and perfect for the “green” office. The Leap chair contains no PVC’s, CFCs, solvents, chrome, benzene, lead or mercy. The Leap chair is also up to 98% recyclable. It is also SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified for indoor air quality.

A Task Chair with Aesthetic and Ergonomic Appeal: the Steelcase Think

When you sit for a living, the office chair you choose not only impacts the visual appeal of your office but also your overall health and comfort. While ergonomic office chairs tend to be slightly pricier than a basic office chair, the benefits of an ergonomic chair cannot be overstressed. A few of the benefits include less pressure on the spine and increased productivity.

The Steelcase Think Office Chair

The Steelcase Think chair has visual appeal, innovative ergonomic features, and is environmentally friendly. Unlike other ergonomic task chairs, the Steelcase Think chair can adjust to meet what your body needs automatically. The backrest of the Think chair features individually contoured flexors to provide optimum support. The Think chair only requires a few, simple manual adjustments to give the user maximum comfort with a weight-activated seat.

Looking for the Perfect Chair for Your Conference Room? Try the Humanscale Liberty Chair

To keep your staff feeling alert and attentive during long meetings, it’s important to outfit your conference room with ergonomic furniture. Humanscale is a design and innovation leader in the ergonomic office furniture industry with a variety of options for your conference room.

Choose the Humanscale Liberty Chair for Your Office

The Humanscale Liberty chair is an innovative ergonomic office chair. The Liberty chair is a perfect chair for conference rooms as it offers perfect lumbar support for everyone without the need for manual adjustments. The Liberty chair is made with a tri-panel construction that creates body-fitting contours for the utmost in comfort and support.

The Liberty chair features self-adjusting recline, a pivoting backrest, a form-sensing mesh back, contoured seat cushion and many other advanced features that provide comfort and support.  A wide selection of fabrics, colors, and finishes are available to complement the design of your conference room.

Improve Conditions Today With A Humanscale Monitor Arm

Ergonomic design has many merits and we strive to provide the quality products needed to improve relations between users and their equipment. Technology is rampant in today’s society, fueling the need for computers, keyboards, monitors, and the like. Humanscale is a trusted designer in products, such as the Humanscale Monitor Arm. There are varied selections to choose from and you can view details and important information before ordering.

Benefits Of A Humanscale Monitor Arm

With the comfort of users in mind, a Humanscale Monitor Arm can give your home or office setting a more positive direction. We offer dual monitor arms that have a built-in security feature for added protection. Our trusted source for ergonomic products will give you the benefit of choices. If you are in need of a monitor arm for multiple screens, there is a Paramount 1 to 8 Screen Monitor Arm that is available. We offer online consultation and a quality service that you can count on.



Relax And Progress With A Humanscale Chair

We know that having the best ergonomic equipment for your personal needs is essential. We respect the brands that are represented in our product catalogs and stand behind the effectiveness of the products. One innovating manufacturer is making strides with award-winning designs in the Humanscale Chair. Within ten years, the ergonomic chair features earned a Design Distinction Award from the ID Design Review 2000 competition. The success of this product has paved the way and set a standard for the ergonomic industry.

A Humanscale Chair For Every Office

We understand that working environments respond favorably when given the luxury of ergonomic products. The Humanscale Chair is a great addition to your home or office and the selections vary. You can choose from a Liberty chair, which has form-fitting mesh technology to respond to everyone’s comfort. Another choice is the Humanscale Freedom Chair, featuring a weight-sensitive recline and adjustable armrests that act in synchronicity. There are ten designs from this leading manufacturer, so contact us for assistance today.

Making Strides With The Workrite Poise

When you want to give your office personnel the leading designs in ergonomic equipment, MC Ergo is the name that you can turn to. The Workrite Poise monitor arm is a wise choice and we offer many styles of this product. One option that we offer is the Twin Monitor Arm, which has graphic indicators embedded into the arm to aide in suitability long after installation. With multiple mounting options, the Workrite Poise monitor arm can improve overall performance in the office. The unique feature of this monitor arm is that you can make adjustments to the arm and the screen remains parallel. With innovative products on our website, you can shop for the right equipment and leading ergonomic designs.

Low Prices Of A Workrite Poise

We offer affordable pricing here at MC Ergo and the ease of purchase that gives us that edge over competitor ergonomic distributors. In fact, we are so confident of our reasonable prices on a Workrite Poise that refunds are given at 125% if a cheaper product is found elsewhere.

Type Your Way To Success With a Humanscale Keyboard Tray

Our success here at MC Ergo has been largely due to the superior products that we believe in for ergonomic design. With our site, you have the opportunity to search for products through our search tool, minimizing the time and effort that it takes to make purchases. As a resource haven for quality equipment, our inventory is large and diverse. One outstanding product that we offer is the Humanscale Keyboard Tray. This product enhances the office experience and also relieves discomfort from back, neck, and wrist pain. Made from phenolic, this keyboard tray is durable and easy to clean.

Shipping Information of A Humanscale Keyboard Tray

You can stay informed with our helpful website, learning about the many brands and models of ergonomically suitable products on the market today. The shipping information is presented clearly with the product displayed, giving you an idea as to when your product will arrive. A Humanscale Keyboard Tray is an excellent choice for any setting and this product ships in five to seven days. You can trust our established company with your ergonomic needs.