Customers who have enjoyed ordering from MC Ergo

Occasionally, it helps each of us to know who has purchased from a company with great satisfaction.  MC Ergo has a huge assortment of contented customers, both large and small.  Well recognized customers include MSNBC and Google, while our equally important client base includes Cherokee School and Woodland Healthcare.  To help you understand our quality, please visit our webpage and take a look at the pleased customer list for MC Ergo.

 Look before you buy from MC Ergo

 Before you consider buying from MC Ergo, take a look at the client listing.  We believe you will be impressed with the quality of customers who have purchased from us in the past.  These customers include Verizon, Penn State, GE, and IBM.  We hope that you will feel reassured concerning our quality and our pricing when you see the other companies who have trusted our quality.



Easy Returns to MC Ergo

Many well-known companies have built their reputations on the ease of returns.  We are one of those businesses.  If you order from us, and find for any reason, that the product does not live up to our guarantees, you need only contact us within ten business days, receive a return authorization number, and ship the product back to us.  Please see our website for all pertinent information regarding returns. 

MC Ergo and Our Return Policy

 At MC Ergo, we want you to be completely comfortable with your purchase.  We want you to “Buy with Confidence” and our return policy is designed to allow you that comfort level.  Not only will you be comfortable sitting in our chairs, you will feel comfortable issuing your order for any of the product line at MC Ergo.  We fully stand behind what we sell.  Check out our website for complete details.


Accessories for MC Ergo Products

Not only do we design chairs, work stations, keyboard trays, and monitor arms, we have taken into consideration necessary accessory items.  We offer a choice of CPU holders to fit your needs and design choices.  We also have dollies if that is your preference.  Additionally, CPU’s can be placed in locking or non-locking holders underneath your workstation.  Come to MC Ergo for your complete office accessory needs.

Wish List for MC Ergo and Your Ergonomic Needs

Do you sometimes sit at your desk wishing for more comfort for your back and legs?  Visit MC Ergo and start dreaming.  Here you can create a wish list for your office and your back as you design the perfect office environment.  You may find that your dreams are not far away as you create your 9-5 home in our online wish list.  Feel free to dream.  You may find yourself rewarded.



A Comfortable Humanscale Chair

When you take a seat behind her desk, ready to put in a full day of work, you want to be comfortable. Sitting all day in an old, rigid chair makes you feel bad and worse, might make your work suffer. If this is the case, perhaps it is time to talk to the boss about getting you and your fellow employees some new chairs. Tell him or her that if everyone had a brand new ergonomic chair, morale would go up and as a result people would work longer and harder. Tell your boss that a Humanscale chair from MC Ergo would be perfect.

 Find a Stylish Humanscale Chair at MC Ergo

When you purchase a Humanscale chair from MC Ergo, you are not just getting a chair that is good for your back, you are getting a work of art. These chairs are very striking and modern and will surely be the envy of everyone in the office. They come in a variety of colors and styles including tall lab chairs with wheels, saddle seats, and stacking chairs, and more. When you get one of these chairs, you will never dread having to work late again.

Workrite Ergonomics Offer Flexible, Ergonomic Working Solutions

Although many people have a job that requires them to spend most, if not all, of their day sitting at a desk, there are many differences between them. Workrite ergonomics are the answer to creating a customized work space that is comfortable and functional for you no matter what your special needs may be. Workrite creates intuitive work tools that will adapt to every body size and every way that you want to work. If you want to adjust your monitor so that you can see better with your bifocals or you want to go from viewing on your own to meeting and collaborating with others, these tools let you make the switch with ease.

Workrite Ergonomics Take you from Sitting to Standing and More

Many people who are confined to a chair all day would prefer to stand part of the time if that were an option. With Workrite Ergonomics, it is! With the touch of a button, you can move your work space up and down so that you can always work from the position that is most comfortable for you at the time. Contact us for more information.

Rest Both of Your Hands with a Workrite Keyboard Tray

For anyone who spends extended hours working on the keyboard, you know that the hand that controls the mouse isn’t the only one which needs support to keep you comfortable. A Workrite keyboard tray is made to provide versatile solutions that support both of your hands and keep you comfortable whether you are right or left handed. There are different configurations needed for different users. Our line of keyboard trays from Workrite is made to meet the demands of a wide range of users.

Choose the Workrite Keyboard Tray that Meets Your Needs

We offer the Banana Board keyboard trays that are either complete or preconfigured. We also offer the “Build Your Own Keyboard System” that lets you take your keyboard tray and mouse pad to optimum comfort levels by simply lifting and adjusting. Contact us for more information and start working in more comfort with the flexibility of a Workrite Keyboard tray.

Luxo Gives You the Lighting Options to Create a Productive and Comfortable Working Environment

The light that you have available in your work space makes a big difference in the quality of your work and the comfort you have while working. We offer the Luxo lighting products that have been helping workers get the quality of light they need in the places where it is needed most. When you need a little additional light directed at your work space, these lights offer the solutions that are flexible and energy efficient. With 70 years of experience at creating quality lighting, this company has the product line to meet the needs of all types of office situations.

Luxo Makes Lights for Comfort, Flexibility and Stimulation

Why settle for adequate lighting when you can get the features that actually improve your ability to perform your work? Luxo makes the innovative designs that provide quality light solutions. Our selection includes the undercabinet and desktop task lights that will put light exactly where you need it. Contact us for more information.

Let Steelcase Protect Your Posture with Unique Ergonomic Seating

Sitting at a desk all day can be more than uncomfortable. It can actually cause you to undergo changes in your posture that lead to back pain. An ergonomic chair from Steelcase can put you and your spine at ease. We have different options so that you can choose the one that best suits your specific needs. The Think Chair is made with back flexors to conform to your shape while the WorkLounge Chair supports your entire spine while letting you change your position to find your own comfort zone.

Steelcase Chairs Offer the Ultimate in Comfort and Support

If you have spent any time at all in a regular office chair, chances are that you are already feeling the pressure. Steelcase offers you so many different ways to suit your spine’s need for support and make it easy to do your work at the same time. Browse our selection for the ergonomic chairs that are comfortable, functional, and look great in any office setting. Contact us for information on products or for a bulk rate.

Humanscale Products Offer You Ergonomic Comfort that will Improve Productivity

Today’s businesses are looking for solutions in their work environment that are good for their workers and for the environment at the same time. Humanscale has been providing award-winning solutions for the workplace for 25 years so that your work environment can be healthier and more comfortable to work in. At MC Ergo, we bring you the selection of quality ergonomic products that will not only improve the comfort of your employees, but also will help to increase your productivity. These products also demonstrate the company’s commitment to producing products that are good for the environment from inception to distribution.

Humanscale Offers Stylish Looks and Functionality

When you want ergonomic comfort in the workplace that also looks great, the solutions from Humanscale will fit the bill. Our inventory includes a wide solution of seating, monitor arms, height-adjustable tables, monitor arms and more to suit your specific needs. Contact us if you want more information or can’t find an item you are searching for. We are always glad to help!

Get Maximum Ergonomic Support with a Workrite Banana-Board Keyboard Platform

Workrite is a leading brand of ergonomic solutions for the workplace. For those individuals who work at a desk all day, a Workrite Banana-Board keyboard platform gives you flexibility and support for using your computer mouse and keyboard. Adjust your tray to your optimum comfort level without the need of levers or handles. Adjusting your keyboard tray to support your hands is as simple as lifting and adjusting. The unique banana shape and a unique slim mounting bracket also provide plenty of knee clearance.

A Workrite Banana-Board is the Ergonomic Solution for Right or Left Handed Users

A pull-out mouse surface makes the Workrite Banana-Board the ideal solution for either right or left handed users. A mouse slide creates mouse forward position to give you better ergonomic comfort. Adjust the keyboard platform from a 10° to -15° tilt and swivel 360°. There is also a removable gel palm support available for ultra-comfort. Contact us for more information.