Workrite Banana-Board Keyboard Trays

When you hear the phrase “banana board” you probably think it is something you might find in a kitchen, some kind of cutting board specifically for bananas. Well, perhaps some such thing does exist, but in this circumstance “banana board” refers to a tray for your keyboard. The tray has a mouse platform that slides out giving the tray a rounded, banana look. These kinds of trays are a great ergonomic product, and a Workrite banana-board keyboard tray can be found at MC Ergo.

 The Benefits of a Workrite Banana-Board Keyboard Tray

All ergonomic products are designed to decrease comfort and at the same time increase efficiency, and banana board keyboard trays are no exception. These trays are fully adjustable and that pullout mouse platform can be on the right or left side. There is also a removable gel palm support available for added comfort. If your job requires you to input data from documents into your computer, then a Workrite banana-board keyboard tray would be a perfect fit for you.


Steelcase Office Equipment

If you run an office, you know how important quality office equipment is. Sure, you could buy the cheap stuff from one of those warehouse stores. It will get the job done but will probably need to be replaced in a short amount of time, plus your employees might not be so happy with it. If you are in need of new office equipment, think about Steelcase. Steelcase makes adjustable, ergonomic work stations, chairs, and other equipment.

 Steelcase Work Stations and Chairs

If at your office different people use the same desks, it is essential to have adjustable work stations. This is particularly true if the heights of those people are very different. The Steelcase work stations can be adjusted very quickly and easily. The Steelcase chairs are also able to be adjusted quite easily and they come in a variety of styles and colors. In addition, Steelcase also makes monitor arms for extra efficiency.

Shine Some Light with Luxo

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to work with limited light. If you are working late at the office and the overhead lights are too dim, you might try to rely on the glare from your computer. But before long your eyes are starting to hurt from the strain. What you need is a quality Luxo desk lamp. MC Ergo offers many to choose from.

 Stylish Luxo Lamps

Luxo lamps are not just boring old desk lamps you can find anywhere. They are very modern and stylish and will surely accent any desk or work station. Luxo lights use all the latest LED technology to optimize ergonomic lighting. In addition to the ones that sit on a desk, there are also lights that fit under shelves and cabinets. You will never have to do work in the dark again when you have a Luxo lamp to light your way.

MC Ergo Work Stations Can Improve Work Efficiency

How often do you find yourself working unproductively or inefficiently at your job? You need something from a drawer so you slide your chair to get to it, then later on you have to slide to the other side to get something else. Then you need to actually get up to reach something on a shelf. You might spend half your day sliding or reaching and wasting valuable time in the process. What you need is a more efficient work station. At MC Ergo you will find several to choose from.

 Over 350 Work Stations to Choose from at MC Ergo

Whatever you need in a work station, you will surely find it at MC Ergo. They come in a variety of shapes like rectangular, straight, and corner and all are adjustable. No matter what the height of the person is using the work station, it can be adjusted to accommodate them. Plus, all of the work stations at MC Ergo are designed to increase efficiency. No more running all over your office or cubicle to find what you need. With an MC Ergo work station, everything will be right at your fingertips

MC Ergo Offers Allseating Chairs

Are you tired of the same old office chairs? Are you sick of having an uncomfortable, old, boring chair? Have you considered Allseating? Allseating makes some of the most fun and stylish office chairs on the market today. You can find a huge selection of Allseating chairs at MC Ergo.

 Ergonomic Allseating Chairs

In addition to looking very sleek and modern, Allseating chairs are actually good for your health. They are made with the human body in mind and are created to help support the back and minimize discomfort. Aches and pains from your worn out office chair will be things of the past with an Allseating chair. All of the chairs are fully adjustable and they come in a wide variety of styles and colors. Allseating chairs are made from the highest quality materials and are made to last. So when you start looking for a new chair, don’t forget about Allseating.

MC Ergo has the Right Chairs for You!

In business since 1979, MC Ergo has the chair that will keep you comfortable and productive all day.  When you spend eight to ten hours at your workstation, one of the most important aspects is your comfort.  Sitting in a chair from MC Ergo allows your mind to be on the work at hand and not on lower back pain or leg issues.  For complete satisfaction and comfort, please see our line of ergonomically correct chairs.

 Seating by MC Ergo

The ergonomically enhanced chairs by MC Ergo permit you to work with focus on the job at hand because your chair is superb.  We offer you our full guarantee with an extended offer–if you are displeased for any reason, we will refund you 125% of your purchase price.  We are so confident that you will be fully satisfied that we will pay you 25% above the price to assure you of our quality product.  Try MC Ergo soon.



Looking for a Workrite Table?

The importance of a good, quality work station cannot be understated. After all, it is your base of operations, where you do your work, where you get things done. Sure, you can use a plain old desk or table, but, have you considered something ergonomic? Ergonomic tables are designed with the human body in mind; they are made to increase comfort and efficiency. A Workrite table from MC Ergo is a top quality ergonomic table.

 Find an Adjustable Workrite Table

MC Ergo has over 300 Workrite tables to pick from. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. You can choose from rectangular, cornered, rounded, and more. Many come also come with keyboard trays. Every Workrite table is fully adjustable and some come with cranks for easier adjustments. This is particularly important if you work in an office where work stations are shared. It does not even matter that two people of very different heights work at the same table because they are able to accommodate everyone.

Improve Your Office and Health with MC Ergo

If you are in the market to upgrade the furniture in your office, a great idea is to opt for ergonomic products. Sure, you could go to any big box store to get the same desk and chair you have been using for years, but why not find furniture that is comfortable as well as good for your health? MC Ergo, as the name implies, is all about ergonomic products.

Upgrade Your Work Space with MC Ergo

Having a comfortable and efficient work space is crucial to getting things done. Everything you need to get the job done should be right in front of you. You shouldn’t have to be scrambling all over the place to find what you need. A work station from MC Ergo can help. They are designed to make work more efficient. There are over 350 to choose from in a variety of sizes and styles. They also come in many different shapes like rectangular, straight, cornered, round, and more. Plus, all are adjustable. If you share a work space with someone who is a much different height than you, a work station from MC Ergo can be the perfect solution.

Humanscale Keyboard Tray

When thinking about the things you need for your office or work station, you probably have considered the obvious like a chair and desk or table. But you may have overlooked something equally as important: a keyboard tray. If you do a lot of typing, having your keyboard at the proper position is crucial. You could get carpal tunnel syndrome if your keyboard is at a wrong or harmful angle. You can find a quality Humanscale keyboard tray and the ergonomic masters, MC Ergo.

 Find the Right Humanscale Keyboard Tray at MC Ergo

The Humanscale keyboard tray is designed to aid in comfort and alleviate pain. They come in a variety of styles and colors and are all fully adjustable. They are made of durable, easy to clean materials and are created to hold nearly any keyboard. So, give your wrists a break and purchase a Humanscale keyboard tray.

Humanscale Chairs at MC Ergo

There is truly nothing like a comfortable chair. Even if you are hard at work, sitting in a nice, relaxing chair just makes you feel good. If you are looking for a new chair, something comfortable and ergonomic to replace your old one, consider buying a Humanscale chair from MC Ergo. These are award winning chairs are designed with the human body in mind.

Ergonomic Humanscale Chairs

Humanscale chairs come in all sorts of shapes, styles, and colors. There are lab chairs, drafting chairs, saddle seats, and more. They come in three different varieties. The Freedom chair is a revolutionary weight-sensitive chair. The Liberty chair has a tri-panel construction that is form-fitting. The World chair is made to be lumbar-supportive and to reduce the stress under the thighs. So whatever ergonomic model chair you might be looking for, Humanscale has the selection to meet your satisfaction.