The WorkRite Poise Stays At Eye Level

While you’re working at your desk each day, you want to make sure to keep your work close by and accessible as you need it. This is especially true for those who have typing jobs or who do lots of computer work. Whether you’re typing and translating from a sheet of paper or you’re working and composing from memory, you’ll need to make sure that your computer and computer monitor are at a safe angle where you can comfortably see it and work from it. The WorkRite Poise keeps your work at a comfortable eye level on the monitor, but still allows you to adjust it or tilt it so that it’s easy to see and read

Adjust The WorkRite Poise To Fit You Best

There are many employees and users who need to wear corrective lenses while they’re working. Many times, whether they wear contacts or eyeglasses, these users will find the need to adjust their computers so that they can better see the screen and their work. With traditional computer screens, the option to move the system around to fit more comfortably is usually not an option. However, with the WorkRite Poise, the user can adjust the positioning of their computers so that they can see it better. The WorkRite Poise is easy to use, with a simple finger touch. Even after adjusting the platform, the monitor stays in place and parallel against the user’s specifications. Therefore when users do their various adjustments throughout the day, they don’t have to be concerned with the monitor moving or shifting, and going to uncomfortable lengths physically just to be able to see their screens.

The Humanscale Keyboard Tray That Fits Comfortably

When you’re using a keyboard tray with your computer, the one thing you look for is for it to fit comfortably and for you to be able to work comfortably without having to shift and move the keyboard around during the entire time you’re using it. Shifting it, adjusting it and moving it every few minutes or so can make a workday get longer and longer, not to mention that it can make it aggravating as well. The Humanscale Keyboard Tray is a well-structured platform that provides a steady and solid tray to house your keyboard. The tray does a great job of staying secure and providing support for its users. The platform supports most all standard keyboards and with dimensions of 19 inches wide and over 10 inches deep, it’s also designed to fit most standard designed desks for ease of use.

Sturdy Support From the Humanscale Keyboard Tray

In order for any computer keyboard tray to support a keyboard in a sturdy manner, it needs to be strong, made with durable and long-lasting materials. The Humanscale Keyboard Tray is definitely a strong piece of equipment known as phenolic. This material is non-toxic and durable, but it’s also very strong and thin at only ¼ inch thin. The phenolic material is also easy to clean, which can make a big difference when it’s time to clean the keyboard tray. You can access the easy to clean surface without disassembling the unit or taking apart any parts of the desk.

All Day Support With The Humanscale Chair

If you have to sit in a chair all day long working, you at least want the chair to be comfortable. That’s not unreasonable to expect, and it’s really not too much to ask for in the way of comfortable office furniture. Of course there are many upscale, fashionable chairs on the market that you can buy and use for your office that will satisfy the professional look, but what does it do for you in the way of comfort? Although it may look good, does it feel good after sitting in it for up to eight or ten hours a day? When you get up from your chair, do your back and legs protest? The Humanscale Chair does address these issues by providing a well-designed and well-made chair that looks good AND feels good as well. Many executives and office workers who want to have that solid lower back chair support use the chair, and find that it does alleviate the back strain that’s often felt from sitting for long periods of time in one position.

The Humanscale Chair Supports All Body Types

There’s no body size, type or weight that’s not right for the Humanscale Chair. In other words, the chair will safely support any user’s weight or size because of its counter-balance recliner action feature. This feature provides users with the support that they need that’s equivalent for their body, so each time they’re able to see and feel a noticeable difference in the chair’s maximum level of support.

The WorkRite Banana-Board Enhances Daily Productivity

Workplace productivity is important in administrative positions. A lot of the productivity is in creating ideas and facilitating the launch of those ideas. As such, there is often a lot of time spent at a computer or computer desk while the person composes and crafts business ideas and daily to do lists. Every productive worker is different, and because of his or her differences, they sometimes require specific pieces of equipment to help make them more productive. The WorkRite Banana-Board is an office tool that helps employees stay productive by working with the computer keyboard to keep it flat but steady while users are working. There’s less time spent adjusting the tools and more time spent crafting and executing great ideas when users maximize this WorkRite tool. It’s important to understand that having productive days in any business requires that you have the proper tools and resources that help you do a good job with everything that you need to work with.

The WorkRite Banana-Board Looks Good AND Works Good

The WorkRite Banana-Board is also customizable for each user’s specific requirement, which also helps to keep the user free from work inconveniences like keyboard instability or frequent sliding and shifting around while working. Even with a tool that’s highly functional, the hi-tech equipment is also sleek and fashionable. It’s the best of both worlds in terms of functionality and displaying a professional look while you’re working.

Sit and Move Comfortably With Steelcase Leap Chairs

Lounge chairs are ideally designed for function and comfort, but not all lounge chairs are created equal. Sitting in a chair all day long or for long periods of time can not only possibly be uncomfortable, but it can also be unhealthy for your body if you’re unable to comfortably shift your weight and move around. Studies have shown that long periods of sitting can adversely affect your back and spine, especially if there are bouts of discomfort or pain afterwards. Steelcase Leap work lounge chairs address this issue with the Leap technology that allows a person to sit for long time periods of time, recline, shift and move around without suffering any adverse effects. So whether the lounge chair is for work or relaxation, or both, Steelcase Leap chairs take care of the issue with one design.

Recline in Comfort and Style With Steelcase Leap Chairs

The Steelcase Leap chairs feature a Leap LiveBack chair system that’s designed to act and behave just as your natural body movements do. The system changes and shifts to each person’s unique spinal movement and motions, but the chair also adequately supports the spine so there is no discomfort. Another special feature about he Steelcase Leap lounge chair is its glide system that allows users to fully recline or stretch out on the chair. This reclining move doesn’t inhibit the person’s reaching capabilities nor does it hamper their vision, so they’re still able to reach their desk or work area without straining or stretching to maneuver themselves.

Steelcase Amia Chairs For Non-Special Cases

When you think of a comfortable chair, that is a really comfortable chair, you might envision chairs that are specially designed for particular situations. For instance, for people with back issues who have to sit a certain way or who cannot sit for long periods of time, there are certain chairs that are especially designed for their needs. But what about those people who do not have a back issue, but just want ultra comfort too while they’re sitting? That’s the type of targeted feature that the Steelcase Amia chair has and what the manufacturer had in mind for its design.

Comfort and Technology with the Steelcase Amia Chairs

The Steelcase Amia chairs have a special technological system called the LiveLumbar technology that addresses the basic elements of a good chair. They’ve taken technological advancements in ergonomic comfort and designed a series of chairs that provide both comfort and functionality in a well-made chair. So, for those customers who don’t necessarily have special medical or physical requirements, but want a comfortably functioning chair can find that feature as a standard offering with the Steelcase Amia systems.

The Steelcase Chair
Supports Better For Longer Days

In anywhere from two to four long hours of sitting, your body will feel completely uncomfortable, no doubt, and you’ll find yourself shifting and moving around to find a more comfortable spot. But, for most job styles, sitting is just something that is not an option, especially with administrative or clerical style jobs. Workers who use the Steelcase Chair don’t experience this discomfort, primarily because of the make of the chair and its overall design. The chair is designed with special back flexors that track and adjust to each movement of the person’s body. The chair primarily focuses on their spine and pelvic areas and applies more support and cushion there for optimal support. Over a longer period of time like daily sitting, the user experiences more overall comfort and no pain from being in a fixed position all day long.

Specialized Fabric Material in the Steelcase Chair

What makes the Steelcase Chair so comfortable is the fabric material and makeup of the chair. It’s often believed that materials like cotton or mesh are more comfortable for a person’s body, but that’s not the case. Materials like these are rough and harder, especially to the touch and can leave a person’s body feeling stiff and sore from sitting. The Steelcase Chair is made with a material that’s softer to the touch and provides more a comfortable, cushiony feel than do other materials.

Steelcase Leap Chair at MC Ergo

We all know how important a good chair is. When you are required to sit all day, it is essential you have a seat that is comfortable and supportive. If not, and your chair causes you aches and pains, you will get up much more often and inevitably your work will suffer. When looking for a new chair, you do not have to rely on those large office supply stores that only have a limited selection. With the Internet you can find the perfect chair for you and you should consider the Steelcase Leap which can be found at MC Ergo.

The comfortable and Supportive Steelcase Leap

When a product is called ergonomic, it is supposed to be able to do certain things. First, it must be comfortable. Also, it should increase efficiency on the job. When you buy a Steelcase Leap chair, you know you will be getting both things. These chairs have Liveback technology which means the chair intuitively moves with you while providing utmost comfort and support. They are also made of a special foam that controls heat and moisture. And perhaps best of all, these chairs are completely adjustable and will be able to accommodate nearly anyone.

MC Ergo Offers the Steelcase Think Chair

When you are in need of a new office chair, why settle for the same boring one that is just going to be worn out in a short amount of time? Because there are so many choices these days, you should not have to settle for anything less than what you really want. You should consider getting an ergonomic chair that will give you comfort and support. One such chair is the Steelcase Think chair. The ergonomic experts, MC Ergo, offer the Steelcase Think chair.

The Ergonomic Steelcase Think Chair

It is not a coincidence that the word “think” is in the Steelcase Think chair. The chair is designed with the body in mind. It understands how you sit and will intuitively adjust itself as you move. How does it do this? Well, the seat and back have flexors that track with the movement of your spine and pelvis. The chair “thinks” as you move in it. It has been custom made for the human body and provides the utmost comfort and support. So when you are thinking about getting a new chair, consider the Steelcase Think. You and your body will definitely not regret it.

Incredible Allseating Chairs

If you are looking for a new chair that combines comfort and style, ergonomics and design, you need to think about an Allseating chair. Just one glance at these chairs will make you convinced that one needs to be yours. They come in variety of colors and styles that will accentuate any office or work station and you can find just the one for you at MC Ergo.

Ergonomic Allseating Chairs

In addition to being great looking, Allseating chairs are ergonomic. That means they are designed to decrease discomfort while at the same time increasing efficiency. You can tell your boss you need an Allseating chair because it will make you work better. Allseating chairs are created with the human body in mind and are ultra supportive and comfortable. Plus, they can be adjusted to accommodate nearly anyone. This is particularly important if you share a desk with someone. However, when you get your new Allseating chair, you will definitely not want to share it.