A Task Chair with Aesthetic and Ergonomic Appeal: the Steelcase Think

When you sit for a living, the office chair you choose not only impacts the visual appeal of your office but also your overall health and comfort. While ergonomic office chairs tend to be slightly pricier than a basic office chair, the benefits of an ergonomic chair cannot be overstressed. A few of the benefits include less pressure on the spine and increased productivity.

The Steelcase Think Office Chair

The Steelcase Think chair has visual appeal, innovative ergonomic features, and is environmentally friendly. Unlike other ergonomic task chairs, the Steelcase Think chair can adjust to meet what your body needs automatically. The backrest of the Think chair features individually contoured flexors to provide optimum support. The Think chair only requires a few, simple manual adjustments to give the user maximum comfort with a weight-activated seat.

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