A Workrite Monitor Arm Can Adapt to Your Viewing Preferences

We don’t all work in the same way or have the same needs when it comes to viewing our work clearly. A Workrite monitor arm is designed to be easily adjustable for every user. It lets you adjust your computer monitor to the position and at the tilt angle that makes it easiest for you to see. To view your monitor clearly, you need to get it at the right level, angle, and distance from your eyes. Workrite gives you the options to adjust your monitor in all of these ways.

A Workrite Monitor Arm Makes it Easier to Collaborate with Your Coworkers

It’s difficult to collaborate with your coworkers when you can’t both see the monitor. A Workrite monitor arm will let you flex the monitor easily no matter how you are sitting so that each person who participates can supply valuable input. Our assortment lets you choose the single or double monitor arm that works best for you. Contact us for more information.

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