Accessories for MC Ergo Products

Not only do we design chairs, work stations, keyboard trays, and monitor arms, we have taken into consideration necessary accessory items.  We offer a choice of CPU holders to fit your needs and design choices.  We also have dollies if that is your preference.  Additionally, CPU’s can be placed in locking or non-locking holders underneath your workstation.  Come to MC Ergo for your complete office accessory needs.

Wish List for MC Ergo and Your Ergonomic Needs

Do you sometimes sit at your desk wishing for more comfort for your back and legs?  Visit MC Ergo and start dreaming.  Here you can create a wish list for your office and your back as you design the perfect office environment.  You may find that your dreams are not far away as you create your 9-5 home in our online wish list.  Feel free to dream.  You may find yourself rewarded.



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