Are You Using an Ergonomic Desk Chair Yet? Try a Humanscale Chair.

Not only are ergonomic desk chairs and other office furnishings good for your health, but also for your productivity. Ergonomic office furniture, like a Humanscale chair, is built to fit the human body including your body’s natural movements and your cognitive abilities. If you’re sitting at your desk on the upwards of 8 hours a day, using an ergonomic office chair can reduce the risk of injuries, in particular overuse injuries.

A Humanscale Chair is Good for Your Health

With a Humanscale chair, once your chair has been fitted for your body, you no longer have to think about sitting comfortably. Ergonomic desk chairs keep your body from feeling constricted against movement. To keep your body healthy, movement is necessary, as prolonged inactivity allows blood and fluids to pool in the lower half of your body which can lead to health complications.

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