Use the Humanscale CPU Holder for Office Solutions

Your computer business data is extremely important to your business, and as such, you should take all appropriate measures to protect it from small incidences. Of course, you take the steps needed to back up your data to your computer, but are you protecting the actual back up hardware, the CPU unit? Are you protecting your CPU unit from potential office mishaps or danger, no matter how insignificant they may be? Is your CPU in a protected area or a protected casing that would keep it free from coffee spills, dirt, dust or other problems? To remedy any potential problems, the Humanscale CPU Holder gives your unit a safe and secure storage resolution for your CPU unit. This business office solution protects it from normal business hazards like dust and bumps or spills, and keeps it out of harm’s way.

The Humanscale CPU Holder Great for Storage and Accessibility

Your CPU unit doesn’t have to sit on the floor anymore, but with the Humanscale CPU Holder, it’s elevated safely off the floor and away from potential problems. This office solution also provides an easily accessible and flexible storage area for the CPU’s other needed storage and operating tools. The Humanscale CPU Holder can also easily accommodate a storage area for cables and drives, a place for cords and provides easy accessibility to ports. The CPU unit also gives your unit a safe storage area when it’s not in use.

Get Desk Organization with a Humanscale CPU Holder

Because desk space is such a premium, saving as much space as possible while you’re working seems to be the ultimate goal that everyone has. When your desk is cluttered with papers, files, sticky notes, etc., it can become overwhelming pretty fast, and you may even lose your work in the mounds of paper! Add to that equation a bulky computer monitor that takes up even more space, and you’ve got some pretty serious desk management problems on your hands. By using a Humanscale CPU Holder to mount a computer to, desk space is freed for other projects. The holder can be wall or desk mounted, either on the side or middle. It slides on nylon glides in a 16-inch track mechanism. The holder can also rotate a full 360-degrees for the user to access cables and supports on the back of the monitor.

Humanscale CPU Holder Frees Desk Space

Working with your computer on your desk can also create a visual problem if it’s either too close to you, too far away or if it sits in an awkward position on the corner or the middle of your desk. The Humanscale CPU Holder frees up precious desk real estate by freeing up valuable space that you can use for other papers or work files. The Humanscale CPU Holder is easily adjustable for most standard CPUs with a mounting area for CPUs that fit 3” to 9.5” wide and from 12” to 22” tall. And with most of today’s computers being manufactured to be compact, the CPU holder can accommodate a robust weight of up 70 pounds.

Humanscale CPU Holder

When you work in a tight space where you do not have a lot of room, maximizing that space is essential. You need to figure out the best and most efficient way to store things yet at the same time have them nearby so you do not waste a lot of time accessing them. A CPU holder is one such device to help in a small space. You can find a quality Humanscale CPU holder at MC Ergo.

The Value of a Humanscale CPU Holder

You can get a Humanscale CPU holder that fits under a desk or whatever work surface you are using. They are incredibly easy to install and they feature a 360-degree swivel for quick and easy access. This Humanscale CPU holder is mounted on a track to reduce the clutter of cables and because it is not on the floor, it will not accumulate as much dust and be susceptible to being kicked or otherwise damaged.

A Humanscale CPU Holder For Your Office

The study of ergonomics is a very real concern in the professional environment today. Workers are complaining more and more of back pain, neck pain, and other ailments associated with continuous routines. Products are designed to reduce this growing trend and our company is the leader in supplying these ergonomic products. The Humanscale CPU Holder allows your workers to reach the CPU more easily and not have to bend repeatedly. With many designs available, you can choose the item that maximizes the needs of your office.

Shipment Of Your Humanscale CPU Holder

Your service is important to us here at MC Ergo. We have policies that ensure your satisfaction and continued service. We provide shipping directly from the manufacturer and that information is listed on each product description. We will send you an email within 48 hours, notifying you of the ship date on your Humanscale CPU Holder. Our company is waiting to assist you in your ergonomic equipment.