Humanscale Freedom Pony Saddle Seat Promotes Good Posture

Good posture is more than just the way you sit; it’s also dependent upon what you choose to sit on. You also develop good posture and eliminate lower back pain issues when you are consistent with the way you sit and the chair on which you choose to sit. To aid in this, the Humanscale Freedom Pony Saddle seat was designed as a chair that provides users with the maximum design in comfort and the best ergonomic solution for lower back and leg support. This is especially good when you have to sit for long time periods, or, when you find yourself having to multi-task or reach as you work.

The Natural Humanscale Freedom Pony Saddle Seat Better For Long-Term Seating

It doesn’t look anything like a traditional chair, but it performs in a more than traditional manner. The chair causes users to sit in a saddle posture, which is something that will significantly help them with their hips and lower back comfort. The triangular shape of the Humanscale Freedom Pony Saddle Seat causes the user to sit erect and slightly upright in a saddle-style posture. This will lower the thighs closer to the floor as it opens up the users hips and hip area span. This seating is completely natural and becomes quite comfortable as your body gets used to this position, and your spine also benefits as it is placed into a lordotic curve that is easier and healthier on your lower back system. Over time, your body will thank you for the change!

Ergonomic Advantages with Humanscale Freedom Chairs

Individuals who work for long time periods sitting and doing detailed work knows about feeling fatigued. That fatigue can not only interrupt the creative flow in their work, but long periods of sitting can also affect their physical body and cause other discomforts. Jobs like drafting, lab work, graphic design and administrative work are all positions where the person may have to crouch over, bend, sit upright or work in semi-awkward sitting positins. The Humanscale Freedom drafting and lab chair is designed with individuals in mind who sit and work all day, mostly in awkward positions like bending down or crouching over their work. The chair is designed to give those individuals ergonomic benefits and advantages that provide comfort.

Humanscale Freedom Chairs Remove the Over-Thinking

People are busy with their work and don’t have the time or thought to have to deal with adjusting or fixing their chairs throughout the day. The Humanscale Freedom chair takes the thinking work out of the individual’s mind by providing good, quality chairs that are absent of constricting, restricting movements and pre-set locking mechanisms. The chair is initially fitted to the individual’s personal preference and style, and once everything is comfortable and set according to what they need, no other adjustments are necessary. The chair has minimal manual adjustments with a simplistic, easy to manage design. Drafting work is important, detailed work that requires complete concentration. With this chair, drafters can concentrate solely on their projects, and not on how many times per day they have to adjust their chair just to get comfortable.

The Humanscale Freedom Chair

With the advent of the Internet and more stores than ever, you now no longer have to settle. Whatever you want you can almost assuredly find. This is especially true of office chairs. Your desk chair does not have to be boring and uncomfortable anymore. There are lots of new choices out there; you just have to start looking. One such choice is the Humanscale Freedom chair.

Find Your Humanscale Freedom Chair at MC Ergo

MC Ergo has a good selection of Humanscale Freedom chairs. They are all very stylish and modern looking and come in different colors. They also have chairs for different functions. They have regular office chairs, lab chairs, drafting chairs, and saddle seats. And the best aspect of these chairs is that they are all ergonomic which means they are designed to reduce discomfort and to increase efficiency. So, when you are looking for a new chair to replace that old one, consider a Humanscale Freedom chair from MC Ergo.

The Perfect Ergonomic Work Station Awaits You at MC Ergo

You understand you spend a large portion of your day at your desk so wisely you went out and purchased an ergonomic chair. You further realized that an ergonomic keyboard tray was also needed. But there is just one things missing: an ergonomic work station. You can get that at MC Ergo.

MC Ergo, the Ideal Place to Find Work Stations

Ergonomic work stations come in many different styles, sizes, and colors to select from. They are also fully adjustable. If more than one person uses your work area or you need several desks for your office, you do not need to figure out everyone’s heights. You can just get work stations from MC Ergo. They can accommodate anyone, from the very tall to the short and everyone in between. Ergonomic work stations are customized to make working easier and much more comfortable.

Relax Your Office With Humanscale Freedom Products

Here at MC Ergo, we have been representing the ergonomic manufacturers for over thirty years. Ergonomic products have been improving, featuring award-winning designs and added benefits that raise the bar for the industry. One popular selection that we are proud to carry is the Humanscale Freedom chair. With a variety of chairs available under this line, you can find headrests, adjustable controls that only have to be set once, and durable materials that provide sustainability.

Types Of Humanscale Freedom Products

Our product catalog gives detailed descriptions on the manufactured products that we supply. We know that as a leader in the supply industry, we have to represent the latest and best designs that are available. The Humanscale Freedom Drafting/Lab Chair is an excellent choice and includes minimal adjustable levers. Another option is the Humanscale Freedom Saddle Seat. This product is designed to provide comfort and it also guides your spine into a healthy curve. Our inventory here at MC Ergo can supply all of your ergonomic needs.

Why Every Executive Should Have a Humanscale Freedom Office Chair

The Humanscale Freedom chair has won ten design awards as it keeps the sitter exceptionally comfortable and reduces the risk of long term energy. With a long list of standard features, the Freedom chair is nearly perfect as is, but an even longer list of optional features can provide executives with even more comfort enhancing options. The standard features include an automatic headrest that cradles your head and neck, recline action that allows you to maintain eye level, a responsive backrest, and contoured cushions that follow the contours of your body.

Go Green with a Humanscale Freedom Executive Office Chair

The Humanscale Freedom chair is a functional and stylish ergonomic chair built with sustainable materials, perfect for companies trying to “go green”. Executives should choose the Humanscale Freedom chair for the utmost in comfort, style, and ergonomics.