Find Humanscale Products at MC Ergo

It is amazing how many different products are sold nowadays for offices. It isn’t just a desk, chair, and perhaps some writing utensils anymore. There are things like footrests, monitor arms, keyboard holders, and much more that are designed to make life easier. When searching for these items and others, you should consider an ergonomic brand. One such brand is Humanscale. Their products can be found at the ergonomic superstore, MC Ergo.

Make Your Life Easier with Humanscale Office Products

In addition to making extremely comfortable and supportive chairs, Humanscale makes so much more. They make top quality, ergonomic mouse pads, for example. Did you ever think a mouse pad could be ergonomic? Well, they can. Humanscale also makes desk lamps that in addition to being very powerful, are very stylish looking. Humanscale makes a personal air purifier as well. Let’s face it, in a crowded office setting, sometimes the air isn’t the cleanest, but with your own air purifier, you will never have to worry about that again. Basically, what ever product you might need for your office or work station, Humanscale probably has it. So check out MC Ergo for all your needs.

Humanscale Massage Ball Unit For More Wielding Away Foot Discomfort

Sitting for long periods of time can place a lot of stress on the back, legs and especially the feet. The stress that sitting does on the feet is a surprise to many people because that is not where the bulk of the body’s weight lies when a person is sitting down. Understandably so, however, just sitting in one location or in one position for a prolonged period of time causes aches and pains, and the blood generally travels to the lowest place on the body – - and that would be the feet in most cases. Since blood tends to pool in the lower limbs, it’s important to get those muscles and blood circulation back up and running quickly and efficiently. The Humanscale massage ball unit is an ideal solution for this problem. It is a uniquely designed piece of equipment that massages and invigorates a person’s feet while they’re sitting.

Humascale Massage Ball Unit Stimulates and Invigorates

The massage balls are designed within this foot machine to gently but effectively massage the feet and roll away any aches and pains that may be a result of sitting too long in one place. The Humanscale massage ball unit machine has a ball-bearing design that rolls along the base of the feet and stimulates the sore areas to increase healthy blood circulation. When the machine is not being used as a foot massager, it acts as a footrest.

Find a Humanscale Monitor Arm at MC Ergo

If you have to look at your computer monitor all day, whether you are filling in spreadsheets or using the Internet, it is vital that the monitor is at the correct angle. You do not want to strain your neck or hurt your eyes because it is too close. If you are looking for an easy way to adjust the angle of your monitor, you should consider a monitor arm. You can find a top of the line Humanscale monitor arm at the ergonomic superstore, MC Ergo.

 An Ergonomic Humanscale Monitor Arm

With a Humanscale Monitor arm, you will never have to worry about the annoyances of moving your monitor again. With the arm, you can move your monitor up and down, side to side, and still it will remain perfectly parallel. If there is something on the screen that is hard to see or read, you do not have to move your chair or put your face up to the monitor, you can just easily move it towards you with the arm. You will never have to deal with neck strains again.

Humanscale Products Offer You Ergonomic Comfort that will Improve Productivity

Today’s businesses are looking for solutions in their work environment that are good for their workers and for the environment at the same time. Humanscale has been providing award-winning solutions for the workplace for 25 years so that your work environment can be healthier and more comfortable to work in. At MC Ergo, we bring you the selection of quality ergonomic products that will not only improve the comfort of your employees, but also will help to increase your productivity. These products also demonstrate the company’s commitment to producing products that are good for the environment from inception to distribution.

Humanscale Offers Stylish Looks and Functionality

When you want ergonomic comfort in the workplace that also looks great, the solutions from Humanscale will fit the bill. Our inventory includes a wide solution of seating, monitor arms, height-adjustable tables, monitor arms and more to suit your specific needs. Contact us if you want more information or can’t find an item you are searching for. We are always glad to help!

Humanscale Helping Humans

Our business is proud to be affiliated with the Humanscale brand. Here in the ergonomic community, we stay apprised of the latest designs and features available. Our web store is stocked full of products from Humanscale, such as chairs and keyboards. Monitor arms can be viewed in that particular category section, with movable arms that accommodate every office space. Our zoom option gives you a clear view of your merchandise and the limitless benefits of each.

Humanscale Discount Program

We want to establish strong ties with your company, which is why we offer perks for using our service. When making large purchases of Humanscale equipment, you can apply for a discount through an easy form. We offer flexible pay options and personalization for each client. When you need to protect your staff from the discomforts of repetition, choose MC Ergo to get the job done.



Humanscale Liberty Embraces Ergonomic Design

When you order your ergonomic items from our established company at MC Ergo, you can be assured that prices are reasonable. We put forth great effort to give you the Humanscale Liberty chairs that your needs require. We are so confident in our low prices, we will provide you with a 125% refund if competitor pricing is lower. You can obtain the customer service that has given our company success over the years.

Humanscale Liberty Chairs Installation and Quote Services

We offer installation services for featured products, such as Humanscale Liberty Chairs and work stations. You can contact us at 1-800-222-2456 for a customized quote of your installation needs. If you need one chair or a bulk order of chairs, we can assist and make the process flow smoothly for your business. Ergonomic products are making strides in the workplace today and we have the established source for all of your needs.

Looking for the Perfect Chair for Your Conference Room? Try the Humanscale Liberty Chair

To keep your staff feeling alert and attentive during long meetings, it’s important to outfit your conference room with ergonomic furniture. Humanscale is a design and innovation leader in the ergonomic office furniture industry with a variety of options for your conference room.

Choose the Humanscale Liberty Chair for Your Office

The Humanscale Liberty chair is an innovative ergonomic office chair. The Liberty chair is a perfect chair for conference rooms as it offers perfect lumbar support for everyone without the need for manual adjustments. The Liberty chair is made with a tri-panel construction that creates body-fitting contours for the utmost in comfort and support.

The Liberty chair features self-adjusting recline, a pivoting backrest, a form-sensing mesh back, contoured seat cushion and many other advanced features that provide comfort and support.  A wide selection of fabrics, colors, and finishes are available to complement the design of your conference room.

Do You Sit at a Desk All Day? Try a Humanscale Foot Machine

Those who work 9-5, or even longer, can unfortunately get into the habit for sitting for long periods of time. These periods of inactivity can be detrimental to your health as proven by studies that show 70% of all women and 40% of all men have faced health issues such as blood clots, varicose veins, and pressure on their Achilles tendon. These issues are caused by pooling of fluids in the lower limbs from extended periods of sitting and inactivity. Improve your health with a Humanscale Foot Machine.

How a Humanscale Foot Machine Improves Your Health

A Humanscale Foot Machine can be used as a standard foot rest to provide support for the legs and to relieve pressure on the lower back. It can also be used to encourage gentle rocking of the feet and lower legs to improve circulation.

Humanscale Makes A Difference In The Workplace

Prestige of Humanscale

Our company represents the leaders of ergonomic technology, providing many products to maximize efficiency in your office setting. Humanscale products are available for viewing in the company’s detailed catalogs. With a variety of chairs and keyboard options, Humanscale has lived up to its reputable name as an award-winning designer.

Popular Humanscale Products

Our desire to bring you the very best product on the market today is evident with the addition of Humanscale chairs. Offering three designs of this innovative invention, we supply the World Chair, Freedom Chair, and Liberty Chair. Each Humanscale chair has unique features that provide comfort and durability for the professional staff.

Here at MC, you can browse through a variety of Humanscale keyboard trays. Being the industry leader in keyboard design, selections vary in function and price. Our company knows that in order to maintain business success, expert evaluation and maintenance is required. With our trusted service assisting you, your future will soar.