The Steelcase Chair
Supports Better For Longer Days

In anywhere from two to four long hours of sitting, your body will feel completely uncomfortable, no doubt, and you’ll find yourself shifting and moving around to find a more comfortable spot. But, for most job styles, sitting is just something that is not an option, especially with administrative or clerical style jobs. Workers who use the Steelcase Chair don’t experience this discomfort, primarily because of the make of the chair and its overall design. The chair is designed with special back flexors that track and adjust to each movement of the person’s body. The chair primarily focuses on their spine and pelvic areas and applies more support and cushion there for optimal support. Over a longer period of time like daily sitting, the user experiences more overall comfort and no pain from being in a fixed position all day long.

Specialized Fabric Material in the Steelcase Chair

What makes the Steelcase Chair so comfortable is the fabric material and makeup of the chair. It’s often believed that materials like cotton or mesh are more comfortable for a person’s body, but that’s not the case. Materials like these are rough and harder, especially to the touch and can leave a person’s body feeling stiff and sore from sitting. The Steelcase Chair is made with a material that’s softer to the touch and provides more a comfortable, cushiony feel than do other materials.

Relax In Style With A Steelcase Chair

Our job here at MC Ergo is to bring you the comfortable office furniture that promotes advanced ergonomics. The designs are getting more advanced with each passing year and we are proud to offer the Steelcase Chair for your business needs. This chair is designed from a company that has been in the ergonomic industry for over sixty years. The chairs serve the functions needed with the added support of comfort. Steelcase chairs are available in many styles and you can browse these chairs in our product catalog.

Steelcase Chair Selections

The Steelcase Chair is known throughout the industry, offering an expansive product line with many different features. You can seat your professional associates in the Steelcase Leap Chair, offering lower back firmness and adjustable set depth. This chair is available in fabric and leather. Another choice is the Steelcase Crew Chair. This is a fun option that gives back support and controls that are right at your fingertips. You can find any product that is ergonomically correct here at the MC Ergo online store.

An Ergonomic Office Solution unlike Any Other: the Steelcase Leap Chair

The Steelcase Leap chair brings comfort, health, and productivity to the work environment. The Leap chair was conceived after thorough studies of how the human body moves and adjusts throughout the day. To increase productivity and comfort, the Leap chair was made to move with and support the user. Some of the features of the Leap chair include separate and adjustable upper and lower back controls, a dynamic seat that takes pressure off the spine when reclining, and an optional headrest to relieve pressure in the neck.

An Environmentally Friendly Ergonomic Office Chair: the Steelcase Leap

The Steelcase Leap chair is environmentally friendly and perfect for the “green” office. The Leap chair contains no PVC’s, CFCs, solvents, chrome, benzene, lead or mercy. The Leap chair is also up to 98% recyclable. It is also SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certified for indoor air quality.

Should You Get a Steelcase Chair for Your Office?

Whether you work all day out of an office or out of your home, having the proper office furnishings can have a major effect on your overall productiveness and health. Sitting for long periods of time is detrimental to your overall health. When you sit for an extended period of time blood pools in the larger veins of your legs and blood clots can form. On top of health ailments caused by sitting all day in a non-ergonomic chair such as back pain and muscle strain, it is extremely uncomfortable to sit in a chair that constricts your movements. Combat the health problems and lack of productivity associated with working in an office with a Steelcase chair.

Steelcase has a number of ergonomic chair options to fit your specific body type. With a Steelcase chair, you aren’t as constricted from natural movement and you’ll feel comfortable when you do have to sit for an extended period of time.

Trusted Supplier of Steelcase Products

Representation of Steelcase Inventory

As the leading supplier in ergonomic products, our business retains only the most noted manufacturers of office equipment. Featuring many brands and categories, Steelcase products are available to meet all of your business-related needs. With a Steelcase North America Lifetime Warranty, your purchase can be a sound investment. Our business is committed to providing workstations, the popular Steelcase chairs, or monitor arms that improve working capacity and functions.

How To Obtain Your Steelcase Products

Ordering products from our company is simple and informative. Our catalogs are detailed with pictures of Steelcase items, giving descriptions and benefits of each product. Shipping is available worldwide, free of charge. There is an option to set up an account with our business, enabling you to check out faster and to track your orders as they process. Once your order has been placed, an email is sent within 48 hours to verify your estimated shipping date. It is our goal here at MC to form lasting relationships with our customers.