The Steelcase Table to Break Fatigue Episodes

Working at your desk for long periods of time can make you tired and sore. Numerous health studies have shown that occasional stops where you get up from your desk and move around are physically helpful but can also help improve productivity throughout the day. Some desk workers do try and work those periodic stoppages into their daily work schedules, but there are times when taking breaks may not always be possible to do. This is when it becomes important for those workers to have good chairs and desks like the Steelcase Table that will help them break those episodes of fatigue when they find it impossible to break away from their work.

Adjust the Steelcase Table to Desired Heights

The Steelcase Table works with the individual’s preferences and makes them more comfortable. An adjustable worksurface as well as a comfortable, flexible chair to sit on can help with or even eliminate fatigue, body soreness and overall discomfort from sitting at a desk for long periods of time.  With the Steelcase Table to work on, there’s no need to “find” the time to stop if it’s not feasible because the table adjusts according to the individual’s height and preference. The Steelcase Table can change positions from a seated, working position to a standing, working position easily and effortlessly and can safely manage any desk load up to 110 pounds. The mechanism works quickly and easily so that the office worker at his desk can resume working right away.

The Adjustable Steelcase Table

More and more companies nowadays are trying to save as much money as possible. Often the budget for office furniture and supplies is tight so it is common that employees have to share desks or work stations, especially if there are two or more shifts that do not overlap. If employees have to share the same areas, then it is crucial to have tables that adjust to accommodate them. A Steelcase table is a great option.

Find a Steelcase Table at MC Ergo

Steelcase tables are made from the best, most durable materials. They are all completely adjustable and very easy to use. The Airtouch can hold up to 110 lbs. and does not require any electricity to use. The best aspect of a Steelcase table is that it is ergonomic, which means it is designed to reduce discomfort and at the same time increase efficiency.

Promoting Flexibility With A Steelcase Table

We offer the best equipment in ergonomic design and our company is known in the industry as a trusted source. The Steelcase table gives the user a comfortable space to work and most adjust to fit any height or need. One option in our catalog is the Steelcase Walkstation by Details. This cutting-edge design features a work surface and an actual treadmill to stimulate movement. Another option is the Steelcase Airtouch Height-Adjustable Desk by Details. This table moves up and down effortlessly, offering the alternation between sitting and standing.

Steelcase Table Financing

Our service is determined to provide the quality care that your professional staff needs. We offer financing options to give your business a more feasible option of purchasing equipment. If working capital is not obtainable for a Steelcase table purchase, financing is available in 24-72 month terms. When you are in need of ergonomic products, remember MC Ergo and the benefits that we offer.