MC Ergo Offers the Steelcase Think Chair

When you are in need of a new office chair, why settle for the same boring one that is just going to be worn out in a short amount of time? Because there are so many choices these days, you should not have to settle for anything less than what you really want. You should consider getting an ergonomic chair that will give you comfort and support. One such chair is the Steelcase Think chair. The ergonomic experts, MC Ergo, offer the Steelcase Think chair.

The Ergonomic Steelcase Think Chair

It is not a coincidence that the word “think” is in the Steelcase Think chair. The chair is designed with the body in mind. It understands how you sit and will intuitively adjust itself as you move. How does it do this? Well, the seat and back have flexors that track with the movement of your spine and pelvis. The chair “thinks” as you move in it. It has been custom made for the human body and provides the utmost comfort and support. So when you are thinking about getting a new chair, consider the Steelcase Think. You and your body will definitely not regret it.

Refresh Productivity With A Steelcase Think Chair

We have the ergonomic equipment for every professional and individual office here at MC Ergo. Our inventory is impressive and the Steelcase Think Chair is a popular seller. This chair was the first ever certified in Cradle to Cradle Product Certification. Characteristically fitting the name of the product, this chair basically thinks for users. With materials that support movement of the spine and adjustable arms, productivity can increase like never before.

Steelcase Think Chair Clients

Our clients know that MC Ergo is a trusted supplier in Steelcase Think Chair products, as well as numerous other items. Our clients are diverse and we welcome new customers daily. We offer assistance to big corporations like Google, Adobe, Duke University, Delta Airlines, and many others. If your corporation is smaller, we can provide you with equipment to maximize your productivity also. Contact us today for free quotes on your ergonomic needs.

A Task Chair with Aesthetic and Ergonomic Appeal: the Steelcase Think

When you sit for a living, the office chair you choose not only impacts the visual appeal of your office but also your overall health and comfort. While ergonomic office chairs tend to be slightly pricier than a basic office chair, the benefits of an ergonomic chair cannot be overstressed. A few of the benefits include less pressure on the spine and increased productivity.

The Steelcase Think Office Chair

The Steelcase Think chair has visual appeal, innovative ergonomic features, and is environmentally friendly. Unlike other ergonomic task chairs, the Steelcase Think chair can adjust to meet what your body needs automatically. The backrest of the Think chair features individually contoured flexors to provide optimum support. The Think chair only requires a few, simple manual adjustments to give the user maximum comfort with a weight-activated seat.

Offset the Effects of Sitting All Day at Work: Try a Steelcase Think Chair

The Steelcase Think chair is an ergonomic chair unlike any other. The Steelcase Think office chair is perfect for those who sit all day at work. As you move and reposition yourself throughout the day, the Steelcase Think adjusts itself accordingly to provide the utmost in support and comfort. The Steelcase chair accomplishes this feat with innovative back flexors that work in tandem with the flexors in the seat. As you move, the back flexors leverage your body weight.

Get a Steelcase Think Chair for Your Office

The Steelcase Think chair comes in a variety of colors and fabrics to complement your office d├ęcor. Steelcase Think chairs are an environmentally friendly, ergonomic option as they are made with up to 37% recycled content and are 98% recyclable by weight.