Great Steelcase Chairs and More

Steelcase makes a fine chair, there is no denying that. They come in a wide variety of styles, shapes, and colors. They are all adjustable which means they can accommodate nearly everyone. Plus, they are all very modern and quite striking. But Steelcase makes other products as well. If you are looking for quality, ergonomic products, even if you do not need a chair, you should think about Steelcase.

Find Steelcase Products at MC Ergo

Let’s say you are in the market for a new table or desk. Steelcase makes tables and desks that adjust electronically. They even make a Walkstation. What is that? Well, it is like a combination desk and treadmill so you can exercise while you work! Steelcase also makes a number of other accessories like lights and monitor arms. And of course, they make amazing chairs. So when you are thinking about upgrading your office furniture, don’t forget about Steelcase and MC Ergo.

Rely on stainless steel fabricators to reduce the workload costs

Unlike wood or plastic, stainless steel metal can be harder to work with. It is a material that can differ greatly in thickness, making it almost impossible to cut with regular handheld tools, and it can be expensive to buy in and maintain the machinery needed to perform this task. The most cost-effective method of getting steel cut down to size is to use stainless steel fabricators each time.

The accuracy of stainless steel fabricators

Stainless steel fabricators have all the equipment needed to get this job right. They have machines capable of position accuracy of +/- 0.004 and repeatability of +/- 0.002 so that customers can be sure that they are getting exactly what they asked for. Customers can even send a sketch with their plans on and know that their stainless steel fabricators are going to be able to make this happen for them.

Steelcase Office Equipment

If you run an office, you know how important quality office equipment is. Sure, you could buy the cheap stuff from one of those warehouse stores. It will get the job done but will probably need to be replaced in a short amount of time, plus your employees might not be so happy with it. If you are in need of new office equipment, think about Steelcase. Steelcase makes adjustable, ergonomic work stations, chairs, and other equipment.

 Steelcase Work Stations and Chairs

If at your office different people use the same desks, it is essential to have adjustable work stations. This is particularly true if the heights of those people are very different. The Steelcase work stations can be adjusted very quickly and easily. The Steelcase chairs are also able to be adjusted quite easily and they come in a variety of styles and colors. In addition, Steelcase also makes monitor arms for extra efficiency.

Let Steelcase Protect Your Posture with Unique Ergonomic Seating

Sitting at a desk all day can be more than uncomfortable. It can actually cause you to undergo changes in your posture that lead to back pain. An ergonomic chair from Steelcase can put you and your spine at ease. We have different options so that you can choose the one that best suits your specific needs. The Think Chair is made with back flexors to conform to your shape while the WorkLounge Chair supports your entire spine while letting you change your position to find your own comfort zone.

Steelcase Chairs Offer the Ultimate in Comfort and Support

If you have spent any time at all in a regular office chair, chances are that you are already feeling the pressure. Steelcase offers you so many different ways to suit your spine’s need for support and make it easy to do your work at the same time. Browse our selection for the ergonomic chairs that are comfortable, functional, and look great in any office setting. Contact us for information on products or for a bulk rate.

Steelcase Has Strength in the Ergonomic Community

If your office tables are inefficient and cluttered, contact us for new ergonomically designed options. Steelcase work stations are pleasurable for employees, allowing them a comfortable setting with personalized features. Our catalog highlights tables made from steel, with wood or laminate materials for added detail. You can make one investment and feel confident that work stations will endure over the life of your business.

Multiple Designs Of Steelcase Chairs

You will definitely be impressed with the number of Steelcase chairs available in our catalog. If finances are a concern, we offer beneficial selections at lower prices to accommodate your need. The Leap Chair line is extensive, as well as the Think Chair models. With over sixty years in the ergonomic design industry, you can find seating with touch controls for suitability of large numbers. We offer a 125% guarantee that our prices are the lowest online.

Trusted Supplier of Steelcase Products

Representation of Steelcase Inventory

As the leading supplier in ergonomic products, our business retains only the most noted manufacturers of office equipment. Featuring many brands and categories, Steelcase products are available to meet all of your business-related needs. With a Steelcase North America Lifetime Warranty, your purchase can be a sound investment. Our business is committed to providing workstations, the popular Steelcase chairs, or monitor arms that improve working capacity and functions.

How To Obtain Your Steelcase Products

Ordering products from our company is simple and informative. Our catalogs are detailed with pictures of Steelcase items, giving descriptions and benefits of each product. Shipping is available worldwide, free of charge. There is an option to set up an account with our business, enabling you to check out faster and to track your orders as they process. Once your order has been placed, an email is sent within 48 hours to verify your estimated shipping date. It is our goal here at MC to form lasting relationships with our customers.