MCergo at the Tolland County 2014 Business Showcase


The Tolland County Chamber of Commerce held its annual Business Showcase last month at Maneelys in South Windsor. Sixty area businesses and chamber members were on hand to show off their products and services to the general public. MCergo participated in the event and was fortunate enough to have a local celebrity visit the booth as Ms Greater Rockville Outstanding Teen Nicole Vaseur stopped to learn more about ergonomics.

Miss Vasseur was able to experience firsthand the comforts of reclining in a SOMA ergonomic chair while typing away at an ergonomically correct workstation comprised of a Workrite Banana Board Keyboard tray, Willow monitor arm and Symmetry Office Adjustable Height Table. She was quoted as saying “I’d love to have this setup for my schoolwork”.

Miss Vasseur was then impressed as the adjustable height workstation was then moved to a standing height with the push of a button, allowing her work while standing. Frequent postural change has been shown to be a key for preserving health and wellness in the workplace. The products offered by MCergo facilitate quick and easy adjustment to your working position to ensure that you are always comfortably productive and minimize your risk for developing musculoskeletal disorders or other diseases associated with inactivity in the workplace.

MCergo has been providing ergonomic products to industry for over 20 years. They can be found at