Get Maximum Ergonomic Support with a Workrite Banana-Board Keyboard Platform

Workrite is a leading brand of ergonomic solutions for the workplace. For those individuals who work at a desk all day, a Workrite Banana-Board keyboard platform gives you flexibility and support for using your computer mouse and keyboard. Adjust your tray to your optimum comfort level without the need of levers or handles. Adjusting your keyboard tray to support your hands is as simple as lifting and adjusting. The unique banana shape and a unique slim mounting bracket also provide plenty of knee clearance.

A Workrite Banana-Board is the Ergonomic Solution for Right or Left Handed Users

A pull-out mouse surface makes the Workrite Banana-Board the ideal solution for either right or left handed users. A mouse slide creates mouse forward position to give you better ergonomic comfort. Adjust the keyboard platform from a 10° to -15° tilt and swivel 360°. There is also a removable gel palm support available for ultra-comfort. Contact us for more information.

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