Humanscale Helping Humans

Our business is proud to be affiliated with the Humanscale brand. Here in the ergonomic community, we stay apprised of the latest designs and features available. Our web store is stocked full of products from Humanscale, such as chairs and keyboards. Monitor arms can be viewed in that particular category section, with movable arms that accommodate every office space. Our zoom option gives you a clear view of your merchandise and the limitless benefits of each.

Humanscale Discount Program

We want to establish strong ties with your company, which is why we offer perks for using our service. When making large purchases of Humanscale equipment, you can apply for a discount through an easy form. We offer flexible pay options and personalization for each client. When you need to protect your staff from the discomforts of repetition, choose MC Ergo to get the job done.



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