Humanscale Liberty Embraces Ergonomic Design

When you order your ergonomic items from our established company at MC Ergo, you can be assured that prices are reasonable. We put forth great effort to give you the Humanscale Liberty chairs that your needs require. We are so confident in our low prices, we will provide you with a 125% refund if competitor pricing is lower. You can obtain the customer service that has given our company success over the years.

Humanscale Liberty Chairs Installation and Quote Services

We offer installation services for featured products, such as Humanscale Liberty Chairs and work stations. You can contact us at 1-800-222-2456 for a customized quote of your installation needs. If you need one chair or a bulk order of chairs, we can assist and make the process flow smoothly for your business. Ergonomic products are making strides in the workplace today and we have the established source for all of your needs.

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