MCergo at the Tolland County Business Expo

Last night the MCergo team attended the Tolland County Business to Business Showcase held at Maneeley’s Banquet Hall in South Windsor. We showed off the brand new Focal Upright desk as well as our Bayside Seating Bourne chair. We enjoyed meeting many of you who stopped by our booth. If you missed the expo, drop us an email or tweet to us so we can catch up!

Demonstrating the Focal Upright Desk at the Tolland County Business Expo

Demonstrating the Focal Upright Desk at the Tolland County Business Expo

Tolland Country Business to Business Showcase Program


MCergo’s 10 Minute Workplace Assessment: Send Us Your Workstation Photos & You Could Win!

This week we’re launching our 10 Minute Workplace Assessments: you send us a picture of your workstation and we will recommend simple ergonomic improvements you can implement in as little as 10 minutes. Every participant who submits a photo is eligible to win a random drawing for $500 worth of ergonomic products!

To Get Started:

1. Take a picture!

Have a friend take a picture of you working at your desk. No posed photos! We want to see what you actually look like while working at your desk so candid photos only, please!

2. Send it to us!

Email us your name, company and your photo with a sentence or two describing your basic job function and what you like and dislike about your current setup. How long has your desk been this way? Do you feel any pain during your work day?

3. Read the blog!

We’ll share your photo and answer your questions with simple tips you can implement in as little as 10 minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Email us your picture today!

Each assessment will feature simple tips anyone can implement in minutes. Whether you want to ease eye strain or eliminate wrist soreness or back pain, we can customize an ergonomic solution for you.


What is Ergonomics?

Correct Ergonomic Posture

Pictured: A monitor arm, “banana board” keyboard tray, ergonomic office chair and adjustable sit/stand desk form a complete ergonomic solution for any office.

What is ergonomics?

The International Ergonomics Association defines ergonomics as the “scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of the interactions among humans and other elements of a system and the profession that applies theoretical principles, data and methods to design in order to optimize human well being and overall system performance.” But what does this really mean?

Ergonomics is concerned with optimizing workplace comfort to maximize safety and employee productivity. To start thinking about how ergonomics affects your daily life, ask yourself some basic questions. For example, how many hours per day do you spend sitting in front of your computer? Does your computer sit on a desk, counter or on your lap? Do you use an external keyboard, mouse or monitor? Do you strain to see your monitor? How comfortable are you in your desk chair? Does your neck or back ache by the end of the day? Are your wrists sore? Ergonomics asks and addresses all of these questions and if you answered yes to any of them, you have spent time thinking about ergonomics.

At MCErgo, we’ve been thinking about ergonomics since 1979.

If you’d like to learn how ergonomic tools can enhance your comfort & productivity, you’ve come to the right place. We offer custom solutions using field proven brands like WorkRite, Steelcase, Humanscale, Allseating and Symmetry Office as well as our own brand new Bayside Seating line of office chairs. We’ll work to identify the best products for your situation and budget. With our knowledge of the latest in ergonomic technologies, we can assure you that you’ll be getting the best.

Thanks for stopping by our newly re-launched blog. We’re looking forward to sharing the latest in ergonomics with you on a weekly basis. If you have any questions, email us, tweet to us or give us a call.

Wired Magazine: “Sitting is the New Smoking”

Corporate director and speaker Nilofer Merchant contends that “sitting has become the smoking of our generation,” in her speech at the TED Conference in Long Beach, California this week, according to Wired magazine.

“Sitting is so incredibly prevalent we don’t even question it. It doesn’t even occur to us that it’s not ok.”

It’s great to see more publicity for the standing desk movement. We carry a number of standing and adjustable height desks at MCergo including WorkRite, Idea at Work, Steelcase, Humanscale and Symmetry.

Elementary School Students Increase Productivity After Move to Yoga Balls

This morning Yahoo has a story on how the students at Westtown-Thornbury Elementary School in West Chester, Pennsylvania, have become more productive after switching to yoga balls rather than traditional desk chairs.

Kathy Matheson of the Associated Press writes:

The exercise gear is part a larger effort to modernize schools based on research linking physical activity with better learning, said John Kilbourne, a professor of movement science at Grand Valley State University in Allendale, Mich.


Traditional classroom setups are being challenged as teachers nationwide experiment with yoga balls, footrests and standing desks, which give children outlets to fidget without disrupting class.


“It’s the future of education,” Kilbourne said.

The whole article is an interesting read and well worth a few minutes of your time.

The Humanscale World Copy Drawer Eliminates Discomfort

The copy drawer that Humanscale World has designed is a great tool for eliminating strain on the neck and the back while you’re doing repetitive typing work. It never fails that after a long period of time while you’ve been whittling away at typing something, you’ll stop to take a stretching break and feel that twinge of pain in your neck or shoulders. This can happen of course to anyone and at anytime. It may be hard to take regular breaks while you’re working, and sometimes you may not even feel any discomfort until after you’ve finished your work. This may be because you’ve been sitting in one position for a long period of time. What the flexible Humanscale World copy drawer does is reduce the amount of neck and head movement that you would normally have while you’re working from a copy, by keeping the work directly in your site of view.

Productivity Soars With Humanscale World Copy Drawer

You’ll no doubt notice the difference almost immediately with the Humanscale World copy drawer because there will be no back stress or neck strain after a period of work. Your productivity will likely increase since you won’t have to stop as much, and also because you’ll be able to work and type for longer periods. The copy drawer, available in either putty or black color, is easy to use for almost any office set up. The drawer easily glides out when it’s in use, and safely stores away and out of sight when it’s not in use.

Humanscale Monitor Arm Para/Flex Makes Office Solutions Easier

Busy, fast-paced offices need work solutions that help them work more productively and curb away as much unnecessary equipment as possible. To solve this, the Humanscale Monitor Arm Para/Flex addresses the solution by offering users a monitor unit that supports multiple monitors at once. It can effectively support up to eight monitors all within a single mount, offering the ability to remove or add monitors as quickly as needed, and with minimal effort. The Humanscale Monitor Arm Para/Flex easily expands and collapses according to the amount of monitors you use, and with that adjustable feature, it takes up less room when the other mounts are not in use.

The Space-Friendly Humanscale Monitor Arm Para/Flex

The Humanscale Monitor Arm Para/Flex has an easily removable crossbar on the second row of the unit that you can quickly remove and free up any unused space. Users will also enjoy the flexible ergonomic conditions of the unit since it’s easier on the neck and back from a viewing perspective. From an economical perspective, the multiple Para/Flex unit accommodates up to eight monitors, eliminating the need to buy additional equipment that you would need just to support one unit at a time. Also with a monitor row and a locking mechanism that adjusts and configures according to the number of monitors that are in use, you can reduce the time that you would normally spend on setting up a dedicated monitor system. You also eliminate the need for additional parts, supplies or tools needed to set up a new monitor display.

The Humanscale Liberty Side Chair For Occasional Seating Needs

Business events bring in lots of people traffic, and for that, the business may need somewhere for the people to sit. There are times when full office chairs are not needed, meaning, the chairs may only be needed for a temporary time use, or as less-used chairs compared to chairs that are used all day, every day. Most office events or office environments may require the use of a side chair instead of a full one, and the Humanscale Liberty Side Chair is the perfect complementing chair for such a need. Business conferences, meeting rooms and additional chairs in the office are great solutions with these side chairs. The chairs also offer a full support system for lumbar and lower back comfort, and are easily stackable and also easy to store.

Humanscale Liberty Side Chair Delivers Full Support and Comfort

Just as the chairs are not necessarily needed to fulfill a full-time need, doesn’t mean they don’t need to be pleasant or comfortable for when they are needed. The Humanscale Liberty Side Chair still does a wonderful job in delivering comfort and style to chair users and doesn’t skimp on any feature-rich details. You can order the amount and style of chairs that will complement your office décor, or chairs that will provide a comfortable yet functional need for your event. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Humanscale Liberty Side Chair also offers a Form-Sensing Meshing Technology that users will find very satisfactory from a customer’s perspective.

Use the Humanscale CPU Holder for Office Solutions

Your computer business data is extremely important to your business, and as such, you should take all appropriate measures to protect it from small incidences. Of course, you take the steps needed to back up your data to your computer, but are you protecting the actual back up hardware, the CPU unit? Are you protecting your CPU unit from potential office mishaps or danger, no matter how insignificant they may be? Is your CPU in a protected area or a protected casing that would keep it free from coffee spills, dirt, dust or other problems? To remedy any potential problems, the Humanscale CPU Holder gives your unit a safe and secure storage resolution for your CPU unit. This business office solution protects it from normal business hazards like dust and bumps or spills, and keeps it out of harm’s way.

The Humanscale CPU Holder Great for Storage and Accessibility

Your CPU unit doesn’t have to sit on the floor anymore, but with the Humanscale CPU Holder, it’s elevated safely off the floor and away from potential problems. This office solution also provides an easily accessible and flexible storage area for the CPU’s other needed storage and operating tools. The Humanscale CPU Holder can also easily accommodate a storage area for cables and drives, a place for cords and provides easy accessibility to ports. The CPU unit also gives your unit a safe storage area when it’s not in use.