Humanscale Monitor Arm Para/Flex Makes Office Solutions Easier

Busy, fast-paced offices need work solutions that help them work more productively and curb away as much unnecessary equipment as possible. To solve this, the Humanscale Monitor Arm Para/Flex addresses the solution by offering users a monitor unit that supports multiple monitors at once. It can effectively support up to eight monitors all within a single mount, offering the ability to remove or add monitors as quickly as needed, and with minimal effort. The Humanscale Monitor Arm Para/Flex easily expands and collapses according to the amount of monitors you use, and with that adjustable feature, it takes up less room when the other mounts are not in use.

The Space-Friendly Humanscale Monitor Arm Para/Flex

The Humanscale Monitor Arm Para/Flex has an easily removable crossbar on the second row of the unit that you can quickly remove and free up any unused space. Users will also enjoy the flexible ergonomic conditions of the unit since it’s easier on the neck and back from a viewing perspective. From an economical perspective, the multiple Para/Flex unit accommodates up to eight monitors, eliminating the need to buy additional equipment that you would need just to support one unit at a time. Also with a monitor row and a locking mechanism that adjusts and configures according to the number of monitors that are in use, you can reduce the time that you would normally spend on setting up a dedicated monitor system. You also eliminate the need for additional parts, supplies or tools needed to set up a new monitor display.

The Humanscale Liberty Side Chair For Occasional Seating Needs

Business events bring in lots of people traffic, and for that, the business may need somewhere for the people to sit. There are times when full office chairs are not needed, meaning, the chairs may only be needed for a temporary time use, or as less-used chairs compared to chairs that are used all day, every day. Most office events or office environments may require the use of a side chair instead of a full one, and the Humanscale Liberty Side Chair is the perfect complementing chair for such a need. Business conferences, meeting rooms and additional chairs in the office are great solutions with these side chairs. The chairs also offer a full support system for lumbar and lower back comfort, and are easily stackable and also easy to store.

Humanscale Liberty Side Chair Delivers Full Support and Comfort

Just as the chairs are not necessarily needed to fulfill a full-time need, doesn’t mean they don’t need to be pleasant or comfortable for when they are needed. The Humanscale Liberty Side Chair still does a wonderful job in delivering comfort and style to chair users and doesn’t skimp on any feature-rich details. You can order the amount and style of chairs that will complement your office décor, or chairs that will provide a comfortable yet functional need for your event. Backed by a lifetime warranty, the Humanscale Liberty Side Chair also offers a Form-Sensing Meshing Technology that users will find very satisfactory from a customer’s perspective.

Use the Humanscale CPU Holder for Office Solutions

Your computer business data is extremely important to your business, and as such, you should take all appropriate measures to protect it from small incidences. Of course, you take the steps needed to back up your data to your computer, but are you protecting the actual back up hardware, the CPU unit? Are you protecting your CPU unit from potential office mishaps or danger, no matter how insignificant they may be? Is your CPU in a protected area or a protected casing that would keep it free from coffee spills, dirt, dust or other problems? To remedy any potential problems, the Humanscale CPU Holder gives your unit a safe and secure storage resolution for your CPU unit. This business office solution protects it from normal business hazards like dust and bumps or spills, and keeps it out of harm’s way.

The Humanscale CPU Holder Great for Storage and Accessibility

Your CPU unit doesn’t have to sit on the floor anymore, but with the Humanscale CPU Holder, it’s elevated safely off the floor and away from potential problems. This office solution also provides an easily accessible and flexible storage area for the CPU’s other needed storage and operating tools. The Humanscale CPU Holder can also easily accommodate a storage area for cables and drives, a place for cords and provides easy accessibility to ports. The CPU unit also gives your unit a safe storage area when it’s not in use.

Humanscale Freedom Pony Saddle Seat Promotes Good Posture

Good posture is more than just the way you sit; it’s also dependent upon what you choose to sit on. You also develop good posture and eliminate lower back pain issues when you are consistent with the way you sit and the chair on which you choose to sit. To aid in this, the Humanscale Freedom Pony Saddle seat was designed as a chair that provides users with the maximum design in comfort and the best ergonomic solution for lower back and leg support. This is especially good when you have to sit for long time periods, or, when you find yourself having to multi-task or reach as you work.

The Natural Humanscale Freedom Pony Saddle Seat Better For Long-Term Seating

It doesn’t look anything like a traditional chair, but it performs in a more than traditional manner. The chair causes users to sit in a saddle posture, which is something that will significantly help them with their hips and lower back comfort. The triangular shape of the Humanscale Freedom Pony Saddle Seat causes the user to sit erect and slightly upright in a saddle-style posture. This will lower the thighs closer to the floor as it opens up the users hips and hip area span. This seating is completely natural and becomes quite comfortable as your body gets used to this position, and your spine also benefits as it is placed into a lordotic curve that is easier and healthier on your lower back system. Over time, your body will thank you for the change!

The WorkRite Sierra Flexible Workcenters

Most corporate offices today lean more towards using workstations and workcenters for their employees. As compared to small offices with doors and multiple offices for people in the same departments, these workcenters give the employer more options to allow the employees to work and be productive. Open workspaces are also quickly becoming a more preferred choice for businesses. The WorkRite Sierra have workcenters that are specifically designed to provide a stable but flexible work area that users can adjust and control according to their own preferences.  This means that for those workers who have trouble finding and adjusting their workcenters for their specific height, the WorkRite center takes the guesswork out of it and gives users a specially designed comfort and fit in their workspace.

WorkRite Sierra Meets and Exceeds Expectations

Since there are so many different work area preferences from users, the WorkRite Sierra workcenter is more preferred because the users can easily manipulate the stations to fit their needs. The workcenters have the ability to adjust the entire worksurface and station by providing from the 5th to the 95th height adjustment accommodations. The workstation has the capability to either be lowered or raised comfortably, and can do this easily without the use of tools or any aggressive manual adjustments. The workcenter and platform also meets the guidelines as set forth by the ANSI/BIFMA organization.

The WorkRite Poise Stays At Eye Level

While you’re working at your desk each day, you want to make sure to keep your work close by and accessible as you need it. This is especially true for those who have typing jobs or who do lots of computer work. Whether you’re typing and translating from a sheet of paper or you’re working and composing from memory, you’ll need to make sure that your computer and computer monitor are at a safe angle where you can comfortably see it and work from it. The WorkRite Poise keeps your work at a comfortable eye level on the monitor, but still allows you to adjust it or tilt it so that it’s easy to see and read

Adjust The WorkRite Poise To Fit You Best

There are many employees and users who need to wear corrective lenses while they’re working. Many times, whether they wear contacts or eyeglasses, these users will find the need to adjust their computers so that they can better see the screen and their work. With traditional computer screens, the option to move the system around to fit more comfortably is usually not an option. However, with the WorkRite Poise, the user can adjust the positioning of their computers so that they can see it better. The WorkRite Poise is easy to use, with a simple finger touch. Even after adjusting the platform, the monitor stays in place and parallel against the user’s specifications. Therefore when users do their various adjustments throughout the day, they don’t have to be concerned with the monitor moving or shifting, and going to uncomfortable lengths physically just to be able to see their screens.

The Humanscale Keyboard Tray That Fits Comfortably

When you’re using a keyboard tray with your computer, the one thing you look for is for it to fit comfortably and for you to be able to work comfortably without having to shift and move the keyboard around during the entire time you’re using it. Shifting it, adjusting it and moving it every few minutes or so can make a workday get longer and longer, not to mention that it can make it aggravating as well. The Humanscale Keyboard Tray is a well-structured platform that provides a steady and solid tray to house your keyboard. The tray does a great job of staying secure and providing support for its users. The platform supports most all standard keyboards and with dimensions of 19 inches wide and over 10 inches deep, it’s also designed to fit most standard designed desks for ease of use.

Sturdy Support From the Humanscale Keyboard Tray

In order for any computer keyboard tray to support a keyboard in a sturdy manner, it needs to be strong, made with durable and long-lasting materials. The Humanscale Keyboard Tray is definitely a strong piece of equipment known as phenolic. This material is non-toxic and durable, but it’s also very strong and thin at only ¼ inch thin. The phenolic material is also easy to clean, which can make a big difference when it’s time to clean the keyboard tray. You can access the easy to clean surface without disassembling the unit or taking apart any parts of the desk.

All Day Support With The Humanscale Chair

If you have to sit in a chair all day long working, you at least want the chair to be comfortable. That’s not unreasonable to expect, and it’s really not too much to ask for in the way of comfortable office furniture. Of course there are many upscale, fashionable chairs on the market that you can buy and use for your office that will satisfy the professional look, but what does it do for you in the way of comfort? Although it may look good, does it feel good after sitting in it for up to eight or ten hours a day? When you get up from your chair, do your back and legs protest? The Humanscale Chair does address these issues by providing a well-designed and well-made chair that looks good AND feels good as well. Many executives and office workers who want to have that solid lower back chair support use the chair, and find that it does alleviate the back strain that’s often felt from sitting for long periods of time in one position.

The Humanscale Chair Supports All Body Types

There’s no body size, type or weight that’s not right for the Humanscale Chair. In other words, the chair will safely support any user’s weight or size because of its counter-balance recliner action feature. This feature provides users with the support that they need that’s equivalent for their body, so each time they’re able to see and feel a noticeable difference in the chair’s maximum level of support.

The WorkRite Banana-Board Enhances Daily Productivity

Workplace productivity is important in administrative positions. A lot of the productivity is in creating ideas and facilitating the launch of those ideas. As such, there is often a lot of time spent at a computer or computer desk while the person composes and crafts business ideas and daily to do lists. Every productive worker is different, and because of his or her differences, they sometimes require specific pieces of equipment to help make them more productive. The WorkRite Banana-Board is an office tool that helps employees stay productive by working with the computer keyboard to keep it flat but steady while users are working. There’s less time spent adjusting the tools and more time spent crafting and executing great ideas when users maximize this WorkRite tool. It’s important to understand that having productive days in any business requires that you have the proper tools and resources that help you do a good job with everything that you need to work with.

The WorkRite Banana-Board Looks Good AND Works Good

The WorkRite Banana-Board is also customizable for each user’s specific requirement, which also helps to keep the user free from work inconveniences like keyboard instability or frequent sliding and shifting around while working. Even with a tool that’s highly functional, the hi-tech equipment is also sleek and fashionable. It’s the best of both worlds in terms of functionality and displaying a professional look while you’re working.

Sit and Move Comfortably With Steelcase Leap Chairs

Lounge chairs are ideally designed for function and comfort, but not all lounge chairs are created equal. Sitting in a chair all day long or for long periods of time can not only possibly be uncomfortable, but it can also be unhealthy for your body if you’re unable to comfortably shift your weight and move around. Studies have shown that long periods of sitting can adversely affect your back and spine, especially if there are bouts of discomfort or pain afterwards. Steelcase Leap work lounge chairs address this issue with the Leap technology that allows a person to sit for long time periods of time, recline, shift and move around without suffering any adverse effects. So whether the lounge chair is for work or relaxation, or both, Steelcase Leap chairs take care of the issue with one design.

Recline in Comfort and Style With Steelcase Leap Chairs

The Steelcase Leap chairs feature a Leap LiveBack chair system that’s designed to act and behave just as your natural body movements do. The system changes and shifts to each person’s unique spinal movement and motions, but the chair also adequately supports the spine so there is no discomfort. Another special feature about he Steelcase Leap lounge chair is its glide system that allows users to fully recline or stretch out on the chair. This reclining move doesn’t inhibit the person’s reaching capabilities nor does it hamper their vision, so they’re still able to reach their desk or work area without straining or stretching to maneuver themselves.