Promoting Flexibility With A Steelcase Table

We offer the best equipment in ergonomic design and our company is known in the industry as a trusted source. The Steelcase table gives the user a comfortable space to work and most adjust to fit any height or need. One option in our catalog is the Steelcase Walkstation by Details. This cutting-edge design features a work surface and an actual treadmill to stimulate movement. Another option is the Steelcase Airtouch Height-Adjustable Desk by Details. This table moves up and down effortlessly, offering the alternation between sitting and standing.

Steelcase Table Financing

Our service is determined to provide the quality care that your professional staff needs. We offer financing options to give your business a more feasible option of purchasing equipment. If working capital is not obtainable for a Steelcase table purchase, financing is available in 24-72 month terms. When you are in need of ergonomic products, remember MC Ergo and the benefits that we offer.

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