Refresh Productivity With A Steelcase Think Chair

We have the ergonomic equipment for every professional and individual office here at MC Ergo. Our inventory is impressive and the Steelcase Think Chair is a popular seller. This chair was the first ever certified in Cradle to Cradle Product Certification. Characteristically fitting the name of the product, this chair basically thinks for users. With materials that support movement of the spine and adjustable arms, productivity can increase like never before.

Steelcase Think Chair Clients

Our clients know that MC Ergo is a trusted supplier in Steelcase Think Chair products, as well as numerous other items. Our clients are diverse and we welcome new customers daily. We offer assistance to big corporations like Google, Adobe, Duke University, Delta Airlines, and many others. If your corporation is smaller, we can provide you with equipment to maximize your productivity also. Contact us today for free quotes on your ergonomic needs.

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