Relieve Stress on Your Wrists with a WorkRite Banana Board Keyboard Platform

While working in an office isn’t a physically strenuous job, stress is placed on the body due to a number of less than ideal conditions. Office workers tend to sit for extended periods of time in uncomfortable chairs while working at a computer. To lessen the stress placed upon the body, workers should try to stand up every hour or so. As this is not always a possibility, it’s also important to use ergonomic chairs, desks, and keyboard platforms.

The WorkRite Banana Board Keyboard Platform is easy to adjust to your optimum comfort levels. The WorkRite Banana Board features a keyboard tray, movable mouse platform, and palm support. Use the WorkRite system to lessen the stress on your wrists, forearms, and palms. The Banana Board fits just about any workstation with plenty of knee clearance due to a slim mounting bracket.

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