Rest Both of Your Hands with a Workrite Keyboard Tray

For anyone who spends extended hours working on the keyboard, you know that the hand that controls the mouse isn’t the only one which needs support to keep you comfortable. A Workrite keyboard tray is made to provide versatile solutions that support both of your hands and keep you comfortable whether you are right or left handed. There are different configurations needed for different users. Our line of keyboard trays from Workrite is made to meet the demands of a wide range of users.

Choose the Workrite Keyboard Tray that Meets Your Needs

We offer the Banana Board keyboard trays that are either complete or preconfigured. We also offer the “Build Your Own Keyboard System” that lets you take your keyboard tray and mouse pad to optimum comfort levels by simply lifting and adjusting. Contact us for more information and start working in more comfort with the flexibility of a Workrite Keyboard tray.

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