Sit and Move Comfortably With Steelcase Leap Chairs

Lounge chairs are ideally designed for function and comfort, but not all lounge chairs are created equal. Sitting in a chair all day long or for long periods of time can not only possibly be uncomfortable, but it can also be unhealthy for your body if you’re unable to comfortably shift your weight and move around. Studies have shown that long periods of sitting can adversely affect your back and spine, especially if there are bouts of discomfort or pain afterwards. Steelcase Leap work lounge chairs address this issue with the Leap technology that allows a person to sit for long time periods of time, recline, shift and move around without suffering any adverse effects. So whether the lounge chair is for work or relaxation, or both, Steelcase Leap chairs take care of the issue with one design.

Recline in Comfort and Style With Steelcase Leap Chairs

The Steelcase Leap chairs feature a Leap LiveBack chair system that’s designed to act and behave just as your natural body movements do. The system changes and shifts to each person’s unique spinal movement and motions, but the chair also adequately supports the spine so there is no discomfort. Another special feature about he Steelcase Leap lounge chair is its glide system that allows users to fully recline or stretch out on the chair. This reclining move doesn’t inhibit the person’s reaching capabilities nor does it hamper their vision, so they’re still able to reach their desk or work area without straining or stretching to maneuver themselves.

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