A Comfortable Humanscale Chair

When you take a seat behind her desk, ready to put in a full day of work, you want to be comfortable. Sitting all day in an old, rigid chair makes you feel bad and worse, might make your work suffer. If this is the case, perhaps it is time to talk to the boss about getting you and your fellow employees some new chairs. Tell him or her that if everyone had a brand new ergonomic chair, morale would go up and as a result people would work longer and harder. Tell your boss that a Humanscale chair from MC Ergo would be perfect.

 Find a Stylish Humanscale Chair at MC Ergo

When you purchase a Humanscale chair from MC Ergo, you are not just getting a chair that is good for your back, you are getting a work of art. These chairs are very striking and modern and will surely be the envy of everyone in the office. They come in a variety of colors and styles including tall lab chairs with wheels, saddle seats, and stacking chairs, and more. When you get one of these chairs, you will never dread having to work late again.

Looking for the Perfect Chair for Your Conference Room? Try the Humanscale Liberty Chair

To keep your staff feeling alert and attentive during long meetings, it’s important to outfit your conference room with ergonomic furniture. Humanscale is a design and innovation leader in the ergonomic office furniture industry with a variety of options for your conference room.

Choose the Humanscale Liberty Chair for Your Office

The Humanscale Liberty chair is an innovative ergonomic office chair. The Liberty chair is a perfect chair for conference rooms as it offers perfect lumbar support for everyone without the need for manual adjustments. The Liberty chair is made with a tri-panel construction that creates body-fitting contours for the utmost in comfort and support.

The Liberty chair features self-adjusting recline, a pivoting backrest, a form-sensing mesh back, contoured seat cushion and many other advanced features that provide comfort and support.  A wide selection of fabrics, colors, and finishes are available to complement the design of your conference room.

Relax And Progress With A Humanscale Chair

We know that having the best ergonomic equipment for your personal needs is essential. We respect the brands that are represented in our product catalogs and stand behind the effectiveness of the products. One innovating manufacturer is making strides with award-winning designs in the Humanscale Chair. Within ten years, the ergonomic chair features earned a Design Distinction Award from the ID Design Review 2000 competition. The success of this product has paved the way and set a standard for the ergonomic industry.

A Humanscale Chair For Every Office

We understand that working environments respond favorably when given the luxury of ergonomic products. The Humanscale Chair is a great addition to your home or office and the selections vary. You can choose from a Liberty chair, which has form-fitting mesh technology to respond to everyone’s comfort. Another choice is the Humanscale Freedom Chair, featuring a weight-sensitive recline and adjustable armrests that act in synchronicity. There are ten designs from this leading manufacturer, so contact us for assistance today.

Are You Using an Ergonomic Desk Chair Yet? Try a Humanscale Chair.

Not only are ergonomic desk chairs and other office furnishings good for your health, but also for your productivity. Ergonomic office furniture, like a Humanscale chair, is built to fit the human body including your body’s natural movements and your cognitive abilities. If you’re sitting at your desk on the upwards of 8 hours a day, using an ergonomic office chair can reduce the risk of injuries, in particular overuse injuries.

A Humanscale Chair is Good for Your Health

With a Humanscale chair, once your chair has been fitted for your body, you no longer have to think about sitting comfortably. Ergonomic desk chairs keep your body from feeling constricted against movement. To keep your body healthy, movement is necessary, as prolonged inactivity allows blood and fluids to pool in the lower half of your body which can lead to health complications.