Humanscale Massage Ball Unit For More Wielding Away Foot Discomfort

Sitting for long periods of time can place a lot of stress on the back, legs and especially the feet. The stress that sitting does on the feet is a surprise to many people because that is not where the bulk of the body’s weight lies when a person is sitting down. Understandably so, however, just sitting in one location or in one position for a prolonged period of time causes aches and pains, and the blood generally travels to the lowest place on the body – - and that would be the feet in most cases. Since blood tends to pool in the lower limbs, it’s important to get those muscles and blood circulation back up and running quickly and efficiently. The Humanscale massage ball unit is an ideal solution for this problem. It is a uniquely designed piece of equipment that massages and invigorates a person’s feet while they’re sitting.

Humascale Massage Ball Unit Stimulates and Invigorates

The massage balls are designed within this foot machine to gently but effectively massage the feet and roll away any aches and pains that may be a result of sitting too long in one place. The Humanscale massage ball unit machine has a ball-bearing design that rolls along the base of the feet and stimulates the sore areas to increase healthy blood circulation. When the machine is not being used as a foot massager, it acts as a footrest.