MC Ergo has the Right Chairs for You!

In business since 1979, MC Ergo has the chair that will keep you comfortable and productive all day.  When you spend eight to ten hours at your workstation, one of the most important aspects is your comfort.  Sitting in a chair from MC Ergo allows your mind to be on the work at hand and not on lower back pain or leg issues.  For complete satisfaction and comfort, please see our line of ergonomically correct chairs.

 Seating by MC Ergo

The ergonomically enhanced chairs by MC Ergo permit you to work with focus on the job at hand because your chair is superb.  We offer you our full guarantee with an extended offer–if you are displeased for any reason, we will refund you 125% of your purchase price.  We are so confident that you will be fully satisfied that we will pay you 25% above the price to assure you of our quality product.  Try MC Ergo soon.