Monitor Arms Multi-Task

Flat panel monitors look good, and in some cases, they’re easier on the eyes for focusing and reading text that’s on the computer screen. But flat panel computer monitors can also be quite heavy to handle and can also be bulky and get in the way. So even though they’re highly functional, they still need to be safely mounted and comfortable to use. Steelcase monitor arms are ideal for mounting those flat panel monitors for those heavy and hard to maneuver units. The monitor arm works especially well in those areas where there is a workstation environment and there are multiple cubes and work areas that interlock within each other. Monitor arms move the computers up and out of the way from the desk area and give the user more desk working room. They also make the area much safer since the computer is not sitting on the desk with the plugs and cords and other desk material getting in the way.

Rotate Steelcase Monitor Arms For Better Viewing

The Steelcase monitor arms can also accommodate multiple users if there is a need to share monitors or computer work equipment. The monitor arms can adjust to rotate and move around so that it can reach another worker’s area. For instance, the tilt mechanism on the arm allows it to move for a range of 20 degrees backwards. It can tilt and move also 30 degrees forward, and workers can also adjust the monitor so that it can display either in landscape mode or in portrait mode.