Symmetry Office Cabinets Ideal For Stowing and Storage

The Symmetry Office line offers a wall cabinet furniture design that is ideal for stowing away business office equipment when it’s not in use. The wall cabinet hides or tucks away both keyboard and monitor when they’re not in use and to free up desk space that is needed. The wall cabinet also accommodates bulky cords, plugs, USB ports and all of the extras that come with computer monitors and accessories. When the user is ready to start working on their computers, they can simply open the cabinet’s doors and fold down the workstation to begin work. The flip down surface is ideal for writing or using it to hold the keyboard as you type.

Symmetry Office Offers Multiple Uses

The Symmetry Office wall cabinet line is used in many offices, especially private corporations and small businesses. It’s also used in medical settings and facilities because they’re ideal for storing the computer away when it’s not in use and keeping things closed up that are private. This privacy is especially important in settings where the cabinet is in a high traffic area or for rooms that are used for multitasking work flow. The wall cabinet also has a convenience feature for computer monitors that allow it adjust, swivel and tilt from side to side to accommodate personal preferences. Once the cabinet is opened and pulled out, the user can manipulate the monitor without having to change seating, and then push it back into the cabinet once they’ve finished.