The WorkRite Poise Stays At Eye Level

While you’re working at your desk each day, you want to make sure to keep your work close by and accessible as you need it. This is especially true for those who have typing jobs or who do lots of computer work. Whether you’re typing and translating from a sheet of paper or you’re working and composing from memory, you’ll need to make sure that your computer and computer monitor are at a safe angle where you can comfortably see it and work from it. The WorkRite Poise keeps your work at a comfortable eye level on the monitor, but still allows you to adjust it or tilt it so that it’s easy to see and read

Adjust The WorkRite Poise To Fit You Best

There are many employees and users who need to wear corrective lenses while they’re working. Many times, whether they wear contacts or eyeglasses, these users will find the need to adjust their computers so that they can better see the screen and their work. With traditional computer screens, the option to move the system around to fit more comfortably is usually not an option. However, with the WorkRite Poise, the user can adjust the positioning of their computers so that they can see it better. The WorkRite Poise is easy to use, with a simple finger touch. Even after adjusting the platform, the monitor stays in place and parallel against the user’s specifications. Therefore when users do their various adjustments throughout the day, they don’t have to be concerned with the monitor moving or shifting, and going to uncomfortable lengths physically just to be able to see their screens.