Workrite Banana-Board Keyboard Trays

When you hear the phrase “banana board” you probably think it is something you might find in a kitchen, some kind of cutting board specifically for bananas. Well, perhaps some such thing does exist, but in this circumstance “banana board” refers to a tray for your keyboard. The tray has a mouse platform that slides out giving the tray a rounded, banana look. These kinds of trays are a great ergonomic product, and a Workrite banana-board keyboard tray can be found at MC Ergo.

 The Benefits of a Workrite Banana-Board Keyboard Tray

All ergonomic products are designed to decrease comfort and at the same time increase efficiency, and banana board keyboard trays are no exception. These trays are fully adjustable and that pullout mouse platform can be on the right or left side. There is also a removable gel palm support available for added comfort. If your job requires you to input data from documents into your computer, then a Workrite banana-board keyboard tray would be a perfect fit for you.


Looking for a Workrite Table?

The importance of a good, quality work station cannot be understated. After all, it is your base of operations, where you do your work, where you get things done. Sure, you can use a plain old desk or table, but, have you considered something ergonomic? Ergonomic tables are designed with the human body in mind; they are made to increase comfort and efficiency. A Workrite table from MC Ergo is a top quality ergonomic table.

 Find an Adjustable Workrite Table

MC Ergo has over 300 Workrite tables to pick from. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. You can choose from rectangular, cornered, rounded, and more. Many come also come with keyboard trays. Every Workrite table is fully adjustable and some come with cranks for easier adjustments. This is particularly important if you work in an office where work stations are shared. It does not even matter that two people of very different heights work at the same table because they are able to accommodate everyone.

Find WorkRite Products at MC Ergo

If you are looking to upgrade your office equipment, and specifically for the best in ergonomic products, you should look no further than WorkRite. WorkRite Ergonomics has been making the best ergonomic work stations and office accessories for over twenty years. Whatever you need for your office, WorkRite will surely have it, and you can find their products at MC Ergo.

 WorkRite Offer Quality Ergonomic Items

Comfort in the office or wherever you work probably gets overlooked. After all, you are supposed to be working, comfort should not play a role. However, if you are comfortable sitting for long periods of time, you will most certainly work harder. If aches and pains caused by sitting at an old work station are alleviated, efficiency will surely be increased. That is where WorkRite Ergonomics comes in. They sell top quality ergonomic products to make any employee more comfortable and productive.



Find a Workrite Keyboard Tray

When your job requires you to do a lot of typing, it is important that you take care of your hands and wrists. It is all too easy to get carpal tunnel syndrome or other detrimental issues. That is why having a proper keyboard tray is more important than ever. Some of the best keyboard trays on the market today can be found at MC Ergo. Their Workrite keyboard trays are top of the line.

A Workrite Keyboard Tray will Save Your Hands

MC Ergo has over thirty Workrite keyboard trays to choose from. They come in a variety of shapes and styles. Many of them are adjustable and have different features like a slide out mouse platform and a removable gel palm support. Whichever Workrite keyboard tray you select, you know you will be getting a quality ergonomic product, one that will alleviate any pain or discomfort your hands or wrists might have been experiencing.

WorkRite Items Getting Rave Reviews

When you need to update your office devices, we can help. With many Workrite selections for your viewing, you can find these items in no time and be on your way to ergonomic benefits. One item in stock at our online store is the Workrite Palm Rest, which is needed for extreme typists. You can get details on the Workrite Fino LED Task Light, an environmentally-friendly product that can fit anywhere in your office.

Ease Working Conditions Workrite Equipment

Our mission here is simple. We want to offer advanced products in the workplace so that individuals do not have to suffer long-term effects for working. Workrite has been a successful name in the ergonomic field, giving comfort for all routine tasks associated with office work. Eye strain can be alleviated, joint pain minimized, neck cramps reduced, and overall comfort increased. Get in touch with us for discount specials on your purchase.

Relieve Stress on Your Wrists with a WorkRite Banana Board Keyboard Platform

While working in an office isn’t a physically strenuous job, stress is placed on the body due to a number of less than ideal conditions. Office workers tend to sit for extended periods of time in uncomfortable chairs while working at a computer. To lessen the stress placed upon the body, workers should try to stand up every hour or so. As this is not always a possibility, it’s also important to use ergonomic chairs, desks, and keyboard platforms.

The WorkRite Banana Board Keyboard Platform is easy to adjust to your optimum comfort levels. The WorkRite Banana Board features a keyboard tray, movable mouse platform, and palm support. Use the WorkRite system to lessen the stress on your wrists, forearms, and palms. The Banana Board fits just about any workstation with plenty of knee clearance due to a slim mounting bracket.

The Benefit of WorkRite Ergonomics Office Furnishings

WorkRite makes a variety of ergonomic office furniture including adjustable work tables, keyboard trays, and monitor arms. Replacing your dated office furniture with WorkRite ergonomics products has a number of benefits for both employers and employees. Workers who use ergonomic products, like chairs and tables, are less prone to work-related injuries such as overextension of muscles and back pain. On top of that, using ergonomic products improves the overall health of employees. Employers have the benefit of employees that are more alert, productive, and comfortable.

It’s Cost Effective to Purchase WorkRite Ergonomics Products for Your Company

By increasing your employees’ productivity, your whole company will benefit. You will see less money being paid out of workman’s compensation and your employees’ health is benefitted in the long and short term. Invest in WorkRite ergonomics to invest in your employees’ health.

WorkRite Products Available At MC Ergo

Vast Selection of WorkRite Inventory

Here at MC, we provide ergonomically efficient WorkRite products that will enhance your business goals. Since 1979, our company has been committed to distributing these products and offering assistance with business solutions and corporate spending. Our company has a rich history with WorkRite office products, ranging from work stations to monitor arms and keyboards. WorkRite is a trusted brand in ergonomic solutions, creating durable products that are sustainable.

Benefits of Purchasing WorkRite Products

Our goal is to provide an invaluable service for the success and promotion of businesses worldwide. When you purchase WorkRite products from our company, there are added benefits for allowing us the opportunity to be of service. Our business offers free shipping on all inventories and shipping is available worldwide. Another distinctive feature that our company offers is a discount advantage program. Simply create an account and we will have your business on file. This benefit allows you to gain faster price quotes and also to receive discounted prices. We are a team of excellence waiting to assist you in your next business project.