The Steelcase Chair
Supports Better For Longer Days

In anywhere from two to four long hours of sitting, your body will feel completely uncomfortable, no doubt, and you’ll find yourself shifting and moving around to find a more comfortable spot. But, for most job styles, sitting is just something that is not an option, especially with administrative or clerical style jobs. Workers who use the Steelcase Chair don’t experience this discomfort, primarily because of the make of the chair and its overall design. The chair is designed with special back flexors that track and adjust to each movement of the person’s body. The chair primarily focuses on their spine and pelvic areas and applies more support and cushion there for optimal support. Over a longer period of time like daily sitting, the user experiences more overall comfort and no pain from being in a fixed position all day long.

Specialized Fabric Material in the Steelcase Chair

What makes the Steelcase Chair so comfortable is the fabric material and makeup of the chair. It’s often believed that materials like cotton or mesh are more comfortable for a person’s body, but that’s not the case. Materials like these are rough and harder, especially to the touch and can leave a person’s body feeling stiff and sore from sitting. The Steelcase Chair is made with a material that’s softer to the touch and provides more a comfortable, cushiony feel than do other materials.

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