The WorkRite Sierra Flexible Workcenters

Most corporate offices today lean more towards using workstations and workcenters for their employees. As compared to small offices with doors and multiple offices for people in the same departments, these workcenters give the employer more options to allow the employees to work and be productive. Open workspaces are also quickly becoming a more preferred choice for businesses. The WorkRite Sierra have workcenters that are specifically designed to provide a stable but flexible work area that users can adjust and control according to their own preferences.  This means that for those workers who have trouble finding and adjusting their workcenters for their specific height, the WorkRite center takes the guesswork out of it and gives users a specially designed comfort and fit in their workspace.

WorkRite Sierra Meets and Exceeds Expectations

Since there are so many different work area preferences from users, the WorkRite Sierra workcenter is more preferred because the users can easily manipulate the stations to fit their needs. The workcenters have the ability to adjust the entire worksurface and station by providing from the 5th to the 95th height adjustment accommodations. The workstation has the capability to either be lowered or raised comfortably, and can do this easily without the use of tools or any aggressive manual adjustments. The workcenter and platform also meets the guidelines as set forth by the ANSI/BIFMA organization.

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