What are WorkRite Sierra Adjustable Height Computer Desks Used For?

One of the latest innovations in proactive ergonomics office furniture is the adjustable sit-to-stand work desk. The height of sit-to-stand work desks is quickly and easily adjusted to allow office workers to use their computer sitting or standing. These desks are perfect for those who want to break up long periods of inactivity due to a sedentary job. A popular adjustable office desk is the WorkRite Sierra.

The WorkRite Sierra Accommodates Nearly Every Worker

The WorkRite Sierra Adjustable Height Computer Desk is the ideal choice for many workplaces as it can be quickly adjusted to fit a variety of body shapes and sizes. The Sierra is the only workcenter that allows you to adjust the entire working surface, rather than only the keyboard platform. The Sierra is available in both an electric model as well as a crank model at MCErgo.com.

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