Workrite Banana-Board Keyboard Trays

When you hear the phrase “banana board” you probably think it is something you might find in a kitchen, some kind of cutting board specifically for bananas. Well, perhaps some such thing does exist, but in this circumstance “banana board” refers to a tray for your keyboard. The tray has a mouse platform that slides out giving the tray a rounded, banana look. These kinds of trays are a great ergonomic product, and a Workrite banana-board keyboard tray can be found at MC Ergo.

 The Benefits of a Workrite Banana-Board Keyboard Tray

All ergonomic products are designed to decrease comfort and at the same time increase efficiency, and banana board keyboard trays are no exception. These trays are fully adjustable and that pullout mouse platform can be on the right or left side. There is also a removable gel palm support available for added comfort. If your job requires you to input data from documents into your computer, then a Workrite banana-board keyboard tray would be a perfect fit for you.


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