Workrite Reversible Keyboard Makes Work Life Easier

It’s a great thing to be able to sit down at any desk and any time and begin working, no matter which way the keyboard is placed or is fixed. However, for some people this can be a daily challenge because they may not be comfortable with the “norm” way that the keyboard is positioned. For this reason, the Workrite reversible keyboard was designed to meet the challenge of those workers who prefer to have their keyboard positioned so that the mouse is on the left…or the right side, depending on their preference. With having the keyboard set for the specific way that accommodates them best, they’re better able to work more comfortably and be more productive in the time they do work. Instead of fighting and fussing with an un-friendly keyboard, they can just flip over the reversible keyboard and start working with ease.

Workrite Reversible Keyboard For All Office Situations

A Workrite Reversible Keyboard is also an ideal solution for whenever there are multiple users on the same computer, as in presentations or meetings. Instead of awkwardly maneuvering the keyboard around to try and accommodate the other user(s), the keyboard can simply flip over for right-handed or left-handed mouse users. With a simple turn and flip, the keyboard is then ready for use. For units that have the ultra-thin feature, the reversible keyboard also features the document holder and the cord manager that houses both the keyboard and the mouse.

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