What Makes Quality Comfortable Mens Dress Shoes?

How To Tell Your Comfortable Mens Dress Shoes Are High Quality

Some items look good even when the quality is low, but dress shoes are not among them. Quality shoes last longer, look presentable, and give you an air of formality. To enjoy these benefits, you must know what to look for when choosing a pair of dress shoes.

It would be disappointing for a pair of dress shoes to last a short time whether you spent heftily on them or not. So, what should you look for in men’s dress shoes?

What Makes Quality Comfortable Mens Dress Shoes

Dress Shoes Should Be Made of Real Leather

Quality, comfortable mens dress shoes should be made of real leather. This is the ultimate test of a good shoe as real leather determines the quality and durability of a shoe. There are lots of shoes that are made of cheap faux leather, and as such, you should take your time and research on the material used to construct the shoe before making a decision of buying them.

The manufacturer might scream real leather while the shoe is made of faux leather. Look at customer reviews to ascertain the claims of the manufacturer. This will inform you of the reputation trustworthiness and quality of the manufacturer’s products. You might even find out whether that particular shoe is as advertised or not.

Soles Should be Stitched

If you look at the soles of a dress shoe, you will know whether they are stitched or glued. Look at the underside of the shoe and check whether there is a stitching line.

A glued sole will detach from the shoe within a short time, and you will have to look for a cobbler to mend it. In fact, some will detach within a few months, and because everything else looks okay, all you need is a cobbler. However, the shoe might not go back to the fit it was after mending.

The stitching on the sole and on the body of the shoe should look neat and presentable. Anything not done perfectly should not be bought.

Thick Sole

A thick sole is an indication of quality in a dress shoe. Thin soles tend to wear out fast while thick soles might last for more than a few years. It is not easy to have neat sole stitching, and in most cases, the sole is glued.

With the thin sole, a cobbler might not fix back the shoe correctly, and you might end up with a pair of shoes where one shoe looks different from the other. The inner lining of the shoe should also be natural for comfort.

How To Tell Your Comfortable Mens Dress Shoes Are High Quality

Buying Comfortable Mens Dress Shoes

Always select shoes based on more than just size, price, and appearance. Look at what buyers are saying about the shoes you intend to buy to ascertain that you have the best brand.

Now that you know the qualities of a good men’s dress shoe, go on and get yourself a pair. Good quality shoes cost between $150 and $400. However, don’t focus too much on the price at the expense of other features.