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Contour Design

Contour Design

Contour Design specializes in the development, research and design of ergonomic alternative computer input devices. Founded in 1995, Contour Design is a global leader in the field of ergonomic research relating to computer utilization.

Our award-winning ergonomic input devices are the result of a decade-long research, development and design initiative. Originally created for use by television and video editing professionals, who require rapid navigation through film footage and do a significant amount of mousing in their work, Contour Design's products have become standard components of film editing computer workstations.

Repetitive data entry also requires intensive use of a computer mouse to scroll through computer screens and to select fields for data input. Heavy keyboard use and extensive data entry can generate finger/wrist/hand/arm/shoulder discomfort, and lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Astute corporations concerned about employee health have discovered that the RollerMouse and Contour Mouse minimize discomfort and help preserve the health and well being of their employees. Our corporate customers are located throughout the world.

As healthcare institutions convert from paper files to electronic health records and medical disciplines like: radiology, cardiology, mammography, nuclear medicine, and pathology implement digital diagnostic, CAD, PACS and other informatics technologies, computer workstations are becoming a ubiquitous component in healthcare treatment. Contour Design's mission is to make computers as ergonomically healthy as possible for the medical professionals they serve.