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Advantage Discount Program

See If Your Organization Has Pre-Approved Pricing Already

Do you order product frequently, or need a project quoted quickly? We can help.

Many companies have pre-negotiated pricing with us, and your account can share the benefits. See if your company is already set up by clicking the link above. By linking your account to your company you not only instantly gain the benefits of your current discounted pricing, but also allow us to track the volume your company does as a whole, which leads to even deeper discounts for your entire organization.

Is your company not set up yet? No problem. We can usually set you up within one business day, just request a login by contacting New Accounts - or call us toll free at 1-800-222-2456.

Additional information about each program can be found above. Feel free to browse MC Ergo to get a feel for the hundreds of available products and visit our Eco-Friendly Office Systems page to learn more about our beginning to end office furniture solutions for your next new construction or renovation project!

Your account is natively set up to pay by Credit Card, then optionally Bank Transfers, Business Checks as well as Purchase Orders after you fax your company's credit sheet to 860-872-1983, or fill out our Quick One Page Form.

NOTE: Not all products qualify for logged in discount pricing.