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Euro Office

Euro Office

Euro Office was established in Sweden in 1992 to develop and manufacture ergonomically correct tools focused on computer users.

We use a reverse method of bringing products to the table. First, we are informed by corporate doctors and ergonomic therapists about what problems exist in the workplace and how they can be prevented and rehabilitated. Second, we bring in the best people in the business of ergonomics and design to create our products. Third, we submit our products for rigorous expert review to make sure we end up with devices that the medical sector can and will recommend to corporations that inquire about beneficial investments to support their goals of increased workplace wellness.

Reducing Today’s Computer-Work Related Injuries
Nearly 1 million people each year report taking time away from work to treat and recover from musculoskeletal pain or loss of function due to overexertion or repetitive motion either in the low back or upper extremities (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1999). In order to determine the total economic burden including indirect costs related to such factors as lost wages, lost productivity, and lost tax revenues must be added to the cost of compensation claims, leading to estimates as high as $45 to $54 billion annually for musculoskeletal disorders reported as work-related.*

Meeting Ergonomic Demand with International Know-How
The concept driving the company’s product development was that of a “centrerad styrdon” or “centered pointing device”: it was critical that a computer interface tool be created that was physically centered between the user’s arms and keyboard and utilized a light-touch roll bar to control the cursor onscreen.

Today, consumers demand more than functionality alone. Design-oriented, fashionable technology products pioneered by Silicon Valley companies including Apple, Logitech and Ideo, who create products that are both functional and beautiful, have influenced the standards to which Euro Office aspires. Located just North of the Silicon Valley in the Napa Valley, Euro Office is determined to elevate its ergonomic products to a 21st century level of style.

The criteria evolved for the next generation of Trackbar: directed by leaders in the medical, product design and technology fields it would be ergonomically sound, stylish, and masterfully engineered. Across the world from Scandinavia and North America, China was chosen as the location where skilled engineers would create the product’s software and hardware, thorough testing would be conducted and production capacities would be assured for our clients worldwide.

In 2006, with this impressive international team and 15 years experience in ergonomics, Euro Office has rigorously redesigned and released Trackbar Emotion™, a human-friendly, natural motion tool that is something altogether different than a mouse! Trackbar Emotion™ was created with the highest ergonomic, aesthetic and technological criteria in mind – a product of our dedication to reduce and rehabilitate occurrences of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Repetitive Strain Injuries worldwide.