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Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

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Diffrient World marks Humanscale's first foray into all-mesh task seating. Like its mesh-backed forerunner, Liberty, the Diffrient World chair's tri-panel backrest hugs the body to provide tailor-made lumbar support, while its mesh seat eliminates contact stress under the thighs.
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Diffrient World marks Humanscale's first foray into all-mesh task seating. Like its mesh-backed forerunner, Liberty, the Diffrient World chair's tri-panel backrest hugs the body to provide tailor-made lumbar support, while its mesh seat eliminates contact stress under the thighs. But Diffrient World’s major innovation is its mechanism-free recline action, which leverages two parts of the chair’s frame and the laws of physics to provide automatic, balanced support throughout the full range of recline. No chair is more intuitive, creating the ultimate user-friendly sitting experience.

Physical Characteristics

-Non-stretch, tri-panel mesh back
-Non-stretch mesh seat
-Optional upholstered polyurethane foam seat cushion

External Frame
-Injection-molded, structural, integral color glass-filled Nylon 6

Stored Energy Devices
-Pneumatic cylinder for adjustable seat height

Optional Foot Ring
-Chrome-plated steel

Standard Features

Self-Adjusting Recline
-Mechanism-free counter-balance recline action automatically provides the right amount of support through the full range of recline motion, regardless of user size and weight
-No tension springs to adjust
-No recline locks to set/release
-During recline, the angle between torso and legs opens up for better body function
-User maintains near-constant eye level during recline
-Pivoting Backrest
-Extra motion of the backrest during recline automatically adjusts to the changing needs of the spine
-Provides additional lumbar support as needed

Form-Sensing Mesh
-Tri-panel, non-stretch mesh construction creates body-fitting contours and self-adjusting lumbar support for a customized fit
-No external lumbar devices to adjust, break or lose
-Low-abrasion mesh protects clothing
-Modular for easy replacement and upgrades

Non-Stretch Mesh Seat
-Automatically sculpts to match body contours
-Cradles the body in flexible, breathable mesh
-Frameless front edge eliminates contact stress under the thighs

Standard Cylinder
Provides seat height range that accommodates 95% of the population

Body Fit
-Size adjustable to fit 95% of the population
-Form-sensing mesh provides perfect lumbar support—automatically
-Manual adjustments for fit-to-size:
-Seat Height: 5” (127mm) adjustment range
-Seat Depth: 3.5” (89mm) adjustment range

-3” (76mm) standard hard casters

Optional Features

Armrest Options
-Fixed armrests
-Height-adjustable armrests with 3.2” (81mm) range of adjustment

Arm Pad Options
-Flexible Duron
-Matching textile-covered arm pad

Upholstered Seat Cushion
-Mesh topped with a thin layer of polyurethane foam
-Upholstered in a variety of textile options

Cylinder Options
-Low cylinder for small users
-Tall cylinder for very tall users
-High cylinder with foot ring

-CAL 133 certified

Caster Options
-Non-rolling glides for fixed location use
-Optional soft casters for hard floors

Foot Ring
-Chrome finish


Scope of Users
-Standard chair fits more than 95% of the office population
-5’0” Woman to 6'4' Man
-100 to 300 lbs.
Users outside the standard range can be accommodated by:
-Low or Tall Cylinder
-Advanced Armrests

-27 lbs. (12.2kg) Conference Chair/Task Chair
-25 lbs. (11.3kg) Armless Chair

Backrest Recline
-22° recline plus 7° backrest tilt

Reference Angle between Seat and Back
-100° to 129°

Advanced Task Armrests
Horizontal angle change from elbow pivot point
-35° each armrest
-Lockable in 5° increments

Headrest Radial Motion (automatic motion during recline)

Lumbar Support Increase in Recline

Warranty Information
15 Years, 24/7 Warranty

The Diffrient World chair is a great example of Humanscale's environmental purpose.
-Made predominantly of glass-filled Nylon 6
-Contains 34% recycled content (10% post-consumer, 24% pre-consumer)
-99% recyclable
-Weighs only 25 lbs. (the lightest chair in its class)
-Made of only 8 major components and 80 total parts
-Modular parts for easy upgrades and replacements
-Designed for easy disassembly
-Ships in 85% recycled packaging, or blanket-wrapped when feasible
-15-year 24/7 warranty for long life of service

Humanscale Diffrient World Chair Fabric Descriptions

Grade 0 Fabric

New for 2009! Squiggle is part of Humanscale's new Movement collection and features an innovative weave that creates a modern, organic pattern available in 9 rich colors. Can be applied either horizontally or vertically to create a look that is uniquely yours. Designate horizontal or vertical when you make your fabric selection in the drop down menus. Constructed of 100% pre-consumer, recycled polyester.

Grade 1 Fabric

Constructed from a blend of nylon, Cordura and elastic yarn, this four-way stretch textile offers a pleasing texture, while providing the extreme durability required for long-term use.

This four-way stretch textile with a three-dimensional wave pattern offers a range of brilliant colors taken from nature. It exceeds all standards for contract upholstery.

Water repellent and easy to clean, Lotus is an ideal textile for the healthcare and hospitality environments. Its polyurethane finish with nylon backing boasts a soft texture that is pleasant to the touch while offering exceptional durability.

Grade 2 Fabric

Bridget Stripe
Composed of 78% merino wool with polyester and nylon interwoven for strength, Bridget Stripe is soft, durable and features brilliant colors. This stripe may be laid vertically or horizontally.

Ginkgo reflects the delicate parallel veins of the Ginkgo biloba tree leaves. It is composed of 90% wool, a renewable fiber that offers durability, elegance and flexibility. Available in a variety of vibrant and saturated colors, Ginkgo extends the breadth of Humanscale's seating color line. Ginkgo's exceptional performance on contract textile tests and subtle sophistication will satisfy any task seating application.

Grade 3 Fabric

Offering style and performance, Sensuede® was developed to be the best and most luxurious engineered suede available. The faux-suede's soft touch comes from the use of breathable and wrinkle resistant recycled microfibers that are finer than a human hair but are extra-strong, resulting in a very resilient fabric. In keeping with Humanscale's philosophy of sustainable design, this material was selected because of its environmentally sensitive content and manufacturing process.

Mesh Descriptions

A high-performance weave of nylon, polyester and urethane yarns, originally developed as a protective layer for motorcycle riders.

Silver Check
This brilliant weave of monofilament strands and silver-coated yarns offers resiliency combined with a low-abrasion factor.

Monofilament Stripe
The luminous quality of each individual monofilament strand creates a translucent effect, while also providing strength and durability.

Dash—one of the latest mesh innovations from Elizabeth Whelan Design—was inspired by the way in which the color appears and then disappears, creating a colored “dash” across the fabric surface. Dash combines a variety of elements to be as strong, lightweight and responsive as possible. With a distinct pattern and small scale, Dash carries color brilliantly and densely for a beautiful result.

Created by Elizabeth Whelan Design, Pinstripe is a lightweight mesh, that still manages to provide the strength and support of a much heavier mesh, by using two different monofilament stretch yarns to provide firmness and excellent recovery of the fabric. Only the pinstripe yarns take the dye, and the monofilament yarns are grey instead of black, giving a more neutral background to the pattern and allowing light to pass through the fabric.

Additional Information

Manufacturer HumanScale
Ships In 2-4 Weeks
SKUs for this product HDWC
Weight (LBs) 35.0000
Available With Headrest No Headrest Available
Suggested Usage Call Center, Drafting, Executive Office, General Office, Laboratory

Warranty Information

Humanscale Diffrient World Chair

15 Year Warranty
This Warranty is applicable to the initial purchaser of the Humanscale Diffrient World Chair and is nontransferable.
If the Humanscale Diffrient World Chair is procured through authorized Humanscale Dealerships ( is an Authorized Humanscale Dealership), the end-user customer must be registered with Humanscale for the warranty to be in effect. Humanscale warrants that, at the time of customer receipt, the Humanscale Diffrient World Chair will be in good working order and will be free from defects in material and workmanship.
This Warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear or damage caused by accident, neglect, misuse or improper installation or operation. Humanscale will not be responsible for damage to the Humanscale Diffrient World Chair due to service, maintenance, modifications or tampering by anyone other than a Humanscale authorized representative. In the event the Humanscale Diffrient World Chair is defective and Humanscale receives written notice of the defect within the Warranty period, Humanscale, at its option, will either repair or replace the Humanscale Diffrient World Chair. This Warranty does not cover damage caused by a carrier or transportation of the product from one location to another, or alterations made by owner.

Check below to see if The Humanscale Diffrient World Chair falls into an exception to the lifetime warranty:

*M4 & M7 Monitor Arms with Gas Cylinder Components 10 Year warranty
*Diffrient Light 5 Year warranty
*Fabric/Cushions 5 Year warranty
*Switch Mouse 1 year warranty
*Light Bulbs, Customer Own Material, carries No Warranty

Any specific questions about The Humanscale Diffrient World Chair feel free to call us at 800-222-2456.