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How to choose an Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

The keyboard tray is the most important component of your workstation. Due to most repetitive stress injuries resulting from computer use. Having the right ergonomic keyboard tray is the largest piece of the puzzle when it comes to your health and well being at a computer work station. A good keyboard tray can make work enjoyable while a bad one may be worse than none at all.

What features should you look for in an ergonomic keyboard tray?

ergonomic keyboard tray angle

Height adjustment

Be sure to choose a height adjustable keyboard tray. The single most important feature is the ability to adjust the height. Keyboard height is determined by your height and your chair height as well as arm length. Being able to fine tune that and adjust it as you adjust your sitting position throughout the day is essential.
Ergonomic Keyboard Sizing Assistant.

Beware of keyboard drawers. A keyboard drawer is designed to hide your keyboard away, not lend any ergonomic benefit. These drawers are frequently too narrow for you to comfortably position your hand and wrists properly, and do not allow hieght adjustment like an ergonomic keyboard tray – doing more harm then good.

Keyboard Tilt Adjustability

Your new ergonomic keyboard tray needs to be positioned at a comfortable, negative angle that supports the natural posture of your wrists. This angle should be adjusted throughout the day as your posture changes. An example may be whenmoving from an upright posture to a reclined one - your keyboard tray should be quick and easy to tilt. By doing this you can reduce or eliminate the flexion of the wrists, dramatically reducing the risk of Repetitive Stress Injury ( RSI ).

We reccommend against an ergonomic keyboard tray without tilt function. This results in a set angle for your platform, which impedes the ability to fit the workstation ergonomically to your body. Many cheaper systems offer a retractable keyboard tray without this vital feature – buyer beware!

Banana Board Keyboard Tray

Mousing Position

Ideally the mouse should be placed next to and on the same level as the keyboard, or float over the side of your keyboard tray. Try to mimic the circular arc your lower arm makes when rotating from the keyboard to the mousing side.
The keyboard tray should be able to accommodate the largest keyboard you are likely to use and have the ability to mouse on both the left and right side of the platform. Another great tip is to adjust the mouse sensitivity of your computer’s operating system, so less repetitive hand movement is required to move across your computer screen.

The Palm Rest

While you should not rest your palms when typing, wrist and palm rests help you maintain a correct typing position and are helpful during periods where your hands are inactive. Your ergonomic keyboard tray should have palm supports built in. This is another basic requirement for your ergonomic keyboard tray. Avoid settling for a keyboard tray that does not have room for a palm rest. This is an inexpensive piece of your system that should not be overlooked

Keyboard Tray Tracks

The ability to slide the keyboard tray in and out while still at operational height will allow you to scoot closer to or farther from the monitor to relieve eye strain while still maintaining an ergonomically sound setup. Your ergonomic keyboard tray track will also allow you to slide the tray under the work surface when not in use, increasing usable work area space.

We reccommend choosing a ball-bearing track. Your other option, a glide track, may require lubrication over time in order to move smoothly. The glide tracks also have a shorter life span due to friction wear.

Keyboard Tray Stability

Select an ergonomic keyboard tray that is rock solid. You do not want it to wobble or flex when in use. Avoid big-box keyboard trays, they cut costs and use inferior materials. Rule of thumb is the cheaper the keyboard tray the worse the wobble.

Ergonomic Keyboard Tray Recommendations
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