Mind Over Matter

A few years ago, mental health was one of the least prioritized issues that is faced by society. Way before, it was seen as something out of the ordinary, and that anyone who has an issue with their mental health was annotated with a certain kind of stigma. However, all of these misconceptions are now slowly diminishing, as more and more people are looking into this issue. With the alarming increase of mental related illnesses in the past years, a cry for help from a depressed person, tell-tale signs of a psychotic killer, or the sociopathic tendencies of a loved one can all happen with a snap. This has, in turn, led many advocacies from around the world to explain the issue of the soundness of mind.

Importance of mental health

Mental health is more than just the absence of a mental illness, by definition, it is the overall well-being of a person’s psychological condition which enables him/her to be socially and personally functional. A person’s ability to grasp what’s happening with his or her surroundings, coupled with an appropriate response (which manifests verbally, behaviorally and emotionally), can ultimately indicate the person’s state of psychological or soundness of mind. There are also several signs that a person is not psychologically fit, and usually, these signs manifest through alterations in behavior and mood swings. This, in turn, may affect a mentally ill person’s overall physical state which could lead to other complications related to the patient’s overall health.

While changes in behavior and extreme mood swings are all indicators of mental illnesses in general, there are specific signs which only manifest with specific mental problems.

Healthy mind and bodyMost Common Sanity Problems

Some of the most common experiences with people afflicted with sanity problems include:

1. Anxiety – an emotional state of inner unrest; an anxious person is unusually nervous and dreadful like he or she is about to face imminent death.

2. Depression – is more than just sadness. Altered brain functions inhibit the release of happy hormones which constantly make diagnosed patients lonely, empty and unwanted. Depression also manifest in involuntary alterations in bodily functions.

3. Grief – a constant feeling of loss of someone

4. Addiction – aggressively engaging in rewarding stimuli such as substance abuse, sex, etc.

5. Mood Swings – a person with a mental health problem changes moods very quickly

6. Learning Disabilities – patients with sanity problems find it difficult to learn in a conventional manner.

The above-mentioned disorders are only some of the most common manifestations of a person who has sanity problems. Once these are observed, it is important to have the person diagnosed and treated immediately through reputable mental services to avoid further damage.

There are several mental services that are prepared for patients with mental illnesses. For instance, a world-wide movement of hope for patients suffering from depression has been initiated with each country having hotlines for help.

The Most Common Mental Health Services Available Are:

1. Therapy – this is an activity-induced form of therapy where a mentally ill person is being healed through active engagement or through forms of expression such as art.
2. Meditation – training a person’s mind to induce some level of consciousness
3. Spiritual Counseling – spiritual, psychological and theological based counseling to help troubled patients.

Mental Health Awareness

Depression and anxietyIn conclusion, mental health awareness is slowly rising all throughout the world. While mentally healthy individuals are socially functional, there are also other patients with mental problems who may appear sociable but are hurting deep inside. There are several tell-tale signs which indicate the status of one’s mental health and it is imperative to observe any changes on your loved ones. Ultimately, if you see any of these signs manifests, you should seek professional mental health services immediately.