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Neutral Posture Chairs

Neutral Posture chairs have rewritten the rules of quality, customer service and value with the most exceptional product offering in the furniture industry. From ergonomic niche products to state-of-the-art mid-market products, Neutral Posture chairs is the new corporate seating standard for ergonomic-conscious employers and organizations throughout North America.

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Neutral Postures Chairs Sustainability

Building an effective Green Program takes a company-wide effort, but we think it's worth the effort to ensure that our manufacturing process leaves the smallest footprint on the environment. Neutral Posture chairs are designed and manufactured to support a long and useful product life. Our products, if need be, can withstand repeated service, repairs and handling; and our products are made with standardized part and components which make replacing worn out parts easy and as green as possible.

Neutral Posture chairs is high efficient in its manufacturing process. Its products are manufactured with only 1% scrap by weight and over % of that scrap by weight is recycled. Neutral Posture has established a 100% solid waste diversion goal for its manufacturing process and is very close to reaching it. Current manufacturing processes do not use water or hazardous chemicals.

A long and healthy product life

Typical chairs wear out and require replacement within a year or two. Neutral Posture chairs are made to last, as is evidenced by our lifetime warranty. Neutral Posture chairs has been around since the 1980s, and it is not unusual to find original products from our first year of production in perfect working condition. Although we are continually improving our products, we allow for retrofitting of earlier generations. This allows the customer to upgrade individual components as desired without having to discard the product they already have purchase a new one. This helps avoid filling landfills with used chairs, and is another way in which Neutral Posture customers contribute to their immediate health and well being as well as the continued wellness of our environment.