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Swopper Chairs

Swopper takes enormous pride in providing the very best quality ergonomic seating.

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Swopper Custom Edition

Swopper Custom Edition
Our Price: $739.00
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Swopper Special Edition

Swopper Special Edition
Our Price: $699.00
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Swopper Air

Swopper Air
Our Price: $899.00
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Which Swopper is the one for me?

There are two different types of Swoppers, so how do you know which one is for you?  Were going to help you find out!

Swopper Custom Edition vs Special Edition

Swopper Custom Edition

Swopper Motion

The Swopper Custom Edition is the classic Swopper, with a new twist.  This Swopper is available in any of the Swopper fabrics, not including the Special Edition Swopper fabrics.  Spring colors are Anthracite or Titanium.  That’s right, been dreaming of a soft premium leather Swopper, with a lighter frame?  Mc Ergo has got you covered!

Swopper Special Edition

The Swopper Special Edition comes in seven different special edition fabrics.  These Swoppers also come with a colored spring to match your seat, very chic!  These bright and vivid colors and matching spring are only available on the Swopper Special Edition.

What’s so great about the Swopper?

The Swopper sets you in motion

The Swopper stool is an evolutionary, innovative seating platform which allows you to maintain continuous motion while in a seated position. The Swopper's theory of “sitting in motion” is great for strengthening your core and for overall wellness.

Core and circulation improvement

The Swopper immediately improves the user's posture, providing relief from back pain while strengthening the core muscles in the back and abdomen. The Swopper also improves circulation which results in nourishment to the inter-vertebral discs, assisting lymphatic flow.

It’s FUN!

Using the Swopper chair keeps your energy level high, improves productivity, and best of all, it's fun!

Swopper Benefit Recap

• Improves posture and stabilization of the spine.
• Provides relief for back pain.
• Strengthens and conditions muscles of the back and abdomen.
• Improves nourishment to the inter-vertebral disc.
• Improves circulation to the lower extremities.
• Assists lymphatic flow
• Provides a fun energized experience while seated.

If you have any more questions about the Swopper please call us at 800-222-2456.

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Swopper Videos

Get the scoop and take a closer look at the benefits of Swopper.

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