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Steelcase i2i Chair

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Steelcase i2i Chair. Work. Don't wait. Sometimes, you don't need a conference room to collaborate.

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Steelcase i2i Chair. Work. Don't wait. Sometimes, you don't need a conference room to collaborate. You may only need a few chairs in which you and a small team can connect. And those big, stuffy lounge chairs don't cut it (unless you're looking for a place to nap). You need a chair designed for working, not waiting. You need a chair you can move, shift, and breathe in. A chair that lets you orient yourself to your fellow collaborators without taking away your focus or sacrificing your comfort.

The Steelcase i2i chair's dual swivel mechanism keeps you focused where you need to be: keeping eyes to eyes and eyes to information. The back and seat swivel independently, allowing you to change your posture without changing your orientation...and vice versa.

Your body requires you to move and shift, and when you do, i2i accommodates. Tilt back, forward, left, or right. Slant your body in any direction. Every time you move, the flexing back gives you the proper support for whatever position you put yourself in for as long as you need it. And with no adjustments, i2i keeps you comfortable without forcing you to fiddle with levers. One less thing you need to think about.

Steelcase i2i Chair

The Steelcase i2i Chair Features & Benefits:

a. Flexing back
Provides comfort and support for different postures.

b. Dual Swivel
The chair’s back and seat swivel independently allowing users respond to the moment while maintaining focus. Swivel the seat and back together, swivel the back only, swivel the seat only.

c. Instant and intuitive adjustments
Our research shows that people don’t adjust chairs in collaborative settings, so i2i was created without adjustments so anyone can get comfortable quickly.


-Dual swivel allows the seat and back to swivel together or independently
-Allows users to change posture while maintaining an orientation
-Flexing fingers in backrest provides comfort and promotes movement when used for long periods of time
-Instant and intuitive adjustments, created without manual adjustments
-Enables eye-to-eye and eye-to-information, simply and comfortably

Additional Information

Manufacturer Steelcase
Ships In 4 Weeks
SKUs for this product 416911
Available With Headrest No Headrest Available
Suggested Usage Executive Office, General Office
Weight (LBs) 68.0000

Warranty Information

Steelcase i2i Chair

Steelcase Limited Warranty
What does this warranty cover?
Steelcase Inc. ("Steelcase") warrants that your new Steelcase, Turnstone, Details, Nurture, Coalesse, or PolyVision brand product ("Product") is free from defects in materials or workmanship. This warranty applies only to Products purchased directly from a Steelcase Authorized Retailer by purchasers located in the United States or Canada.

How long does the warranty last?
This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser and terminates if you transfer, sell or modify your Product. This warranty begins on the date the Product is manufactured and continues:

Steelcase & Nurture Products

10 years:
Glides, seating mechanisms, including pneumatic cylinders, laminate work surfaces

5 years:
Fabric and leather; user-adjusted work surface mechanisms

1 year:
Markerboard or replacement parts

Lifetime - for as the original purchaser owns it:
Frame and structural components (base, arms, seat and back) and all other components and parts

Turnstone Products

10 years:
Seating mechanisms, pneumatic cylinders, electrical components, laminate and wood veneer

5 years:
Stacking chairs (Domino, Max Stacker, Max Stacker II and Parade), wood-frame chairs, user-adjustable work surface mechanisms, office systems doors and their frames and mechanisms, T-8 electronic ballasts, Classic Collection textiles, foam and other covering materials

3 years:
T-8 magnetic ballasts, Designtex Graded-In textiles, vinyl wrapped work surfaces and acrylic

1 year:
Answer markerboard surfaces and replacement parts (or the balance of the original warranty period, whichever is longer)

Lifetime - for as the original purchaser owns it:
All other components and parts

What will Steelcase do?
If a Product is defective in materials or workmanship, Steelcase will replace or repair it at no charge or refund the purchase price, at Steelcases option.

What is not covered by this warranty?
This warranty does not apply to:

* Normal wear and tear
* High-wear items such as glides and textiles (Turnstone products only)
* Failure to apply, install, or maintain Products according to published Steelcase instructions and guidelines
* Fading, discoloration or natural variations occurring in leather and fabric
* Whiteboard construction and system (PolyVision products only)
* Variations occurring in surface materials (for example, colorfastness or matching grains, textures and colors across different surfaces)
* Abuse, misuse, or accident
* Alteration or modification of the product
* The substitution of any unauthorized non-Steelcase components for use in the place of Steelcase components in an integrated product solution (for example, substitute work surfaces, leg supports, panels, brackets, shelves, overhead bins, and other integral components)
* Products considered consumables such as lamps, Customers own materials (COM) or non-standard textiles and materials
* Other manufacturers products

This warranty does not cover consequential damages (for example, the cost of repairing or replacing other property that is damaged when your Product does not work properly). This warranty does not cover transportation to and from the Authorized Retailer or Steelcase to get warranty service, loss of time, loss of use, or other incidental damages. The implied warranty of merchantability (an unwritten warranty that the product is fit for ordinary use) is limited to the duration of this warranty. Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, or limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so these exclusions and limitation may not apply to you.

How do you get warranty service?
To facilitate warranty service, please keep your original proof of purchase. Contact MC Ergo Customer Service at 1.800.222.2456. We will either send you a replacement part for you to install or we will work with our local repair team to get your Product fixed.

How does state or provincial law apply?
This warranty provides specific legal rights, and you may have other rights, which vary, from state to state and province to province.

Any specific questions about The Steelcase i2i Chair feel free to call us at 800-222-2456.