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Steelcase Walkstation by Details

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The Steelcase Walkstation is the fully integrated combination of an electric height-adjustable worksurface with an exclusively engineered, low speed commercial grade treadmill. And it’s the first product in the entirely new FitWork™ category of products from Details designed to bring healthy habits to sedentary workers while they are actually working.
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The Steelcase Walkstation is the fully integrated combination of an electric height-adjustable worksurface with an exclusively engineered, low speed commercial grade treadmill. And it’s the first product in the entirely new FitWork™ category of products from Details designed to bring healthy habits to sedentary workers while they are actually working.

Steelcase Airtouch

The Steelcase Walkstation Features & Benefits:

a. Commercial grade treadmill maximum speed of 2 mph in .1 mph increments and no incline adjustability.

b. Patented Soft System® surface with Neoprene shock absorbers in front third of the treadmill.

c. Digital display and touch pad controller.

d. Urethane high profile soft edge – hand hold and built in wrist rest.

e. Magnetic safety clip

f. Quiet, high torque motor

g. Precision balanced with 180 lbs. dynamic load-bearing capacity per lifting column

Treadmill receiver plate

Treadmill Specifications

-Integrated treadmill and desk to keep you moving while you work
-Display console shows speed, calories burned, time and distance
-Display console may be visible or stored
-2.0 mph maximum motor
-Motor designed to withstand the rigors of slow speeds and possible higher weights for long periods of use
-Whisper-quiet for the home or office environment
-Uses 3-8 amps depending on walking speed

Adjustable Worksurface Specifications

-Height adjustment on the treadmill key pad
-Worksurface optimally sized for limited reach
-Rubber front edge designed for safety and working comfort
-Note: Slatrail, Cableway and Monitor Arm not included and sold separately

Technical Specifications

66 inch model (A7TG660606H)
-Overall footprint, including
-Treadmill: W66 x D67
-Worksurface: W66 x LD6 x RD6
-(full depth 32 inches at center)

38 inch model (A7TR383030H
Overall footprint, including
Treadmill: W38 x D67
Worksurface: W38 x LD30 x RD30

Commercial Grade Treadmill Features
-The display console shows speed, calories burned, time and distance. Console may be visible or stored.
-Controls are always out front and easily accessible.
-Safety key is magnetic and always accessible.
-Upper control parts are field replaceable via RJ-45 connectors.
-High torque motor made to withstand the rigors of slow speeds for long periods of time.
-Speed range: .3 mph - 2.0 mph with 0.1 mph speed adjustments.
-Uses between 3 to 8 amps depending on the walking speed and load.
-Plugs into a 110 volt outlet on a dedicated 20 Amp circuit.
-Whisper quiet for the office environment.
-Indicators on the belt to show movement and belt edge
-No incline.
-Low step-up height.
-Patented Soft System™ surface with Neoprene shock absorbers in front third of the deck.
-Narrow frame design; Outer dimensions: W23-1/2” x D64” x H6”. Belt area: W18” x L53”.
-Meets ETL requirements.
Treadmill frame: Powder coated welded steel.
-Maximum weight capacity: 350 lbs.

Adjustable Worksurface Features
-3-stage synchronized lifting columns with integral shrouding.
-Infinite height adjustment within the range.
-2.5” diameter glides have 1” of height adjustment for surface leveling on uneven floors.
-Height adjustment on the treadmill key pad.

Performance & Specifications:
-24-1/4” to 52” electric height adjustability range (assumes 1” glide adjustment) Treadmill step up height is 6”.
-Travel speed is 1.7” per second.
Load capacity not dependent on weight distribution.
-360lbs (2-leg) dynamic load bearing capacity per table (including worksurface).
-Lifting columns controlled by central control box to ensure synchronization.
-Built-in limiter switches.
-Soft stop motor eliminates abrupt starts and stops.
-More than just a worksurface; add the right worktools and it becomes a fully adjustable workstation.

Top Construction:
-Core is 45 pound particle board.
-Surface is High Pressure Laminate.
-Urethane High Profile Edge is edge banded on the back and side to match the urethane finish on the front (user’s) edge.
-Reinforced where necessary with steel bars.
-Urethane High Profile Edge used for wrist rest eliminates hard front edge and provides grip for balance.
-Front indent on worksurface gets user closer to the flat panel and keeps body aligned to treadmill base.
-Worksurface proportioned for limited reach.

Base Construction:
-Lifting column is steel. Feet and stretcher bar are extruded aluminum.
-Color: Black and Platinum.
-Low profile column construction.
-Precision balanced lifting columns minimize surface vibration.
-Electronics are 100% tested.
-Electronics are UL and CUL recognized components.
-Internal DC motor housed inside lifting column ensures smooth, quiet operation and no magnetic interference with a monitor on the worksurface.
-9 ft. power cord.
-Metal Treadmill Receiver Plate between table feet insures stability (table will not tip over), keeps treadmill and table aligned and secures treadmill front to back.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Steelcase
Ships In 5 Weeks
Adjustment Type Electric
SKUs for this product A7TG660606H, A7TR383030H
Weight (LBs) 200.0000

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Steelcase Walkstation by Details

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